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Nightshade - Stand And Be True (CD)

Stand And Be True
by Grigoris Chronis at 01 December 2008, 9:03 AM

It was not a few days after I read 'bout Q5's reunion/participation at the 2009 instalment of the Headbanger's Open Air festival (Germany, of course!) that a new NIGHTSHADE album was about to hit the stores. Have mercy, is it - this 80s Metal revival - limitless? Still, as long as it's dealing with some good music everything's fine.
NIGHTSHADE is the band that was born out of the Q5/TKO ashes. For the non-familiar: Q5 was assembled by guitarist Floyd Rose, widely known for his Floyd Rose locking tremolo (pattern owner), in the early 80s. they released two albums, Steel The Light and When The Mirror Cracks, in the mid-to-late 80s with the first one being a monumental 80s American Metal release and the latter changing direction to a more AOR/polished sound. TKO, on the other hand, was brought to life in 1977, with founding member being guitarist Brad Sinsel, and released a total of three albums till the late 80s in a lighter Hard/Heavy sound, with limited success. What's the link? Jonathan K., Rick Pierce and Evan Sheeley were all members of Q5 while Pierce and Sheeley performed with TKO, too.
NIGHTSHADE's first album, Dead Of Night, was released in 1991 via Music For Nations; their second album, Men Of Iron, hit the stores in 2001. Not familiar with the material recorded for this sophomore Cd, let's say that this new Stand And Be True CD is related enough to the 1991 debut. OK, seventeen years have passed by, still some 'trademark' points in NIGHTSHADE's songwritng is again evident. The guitars have this hard-'n'-heavy attitude, with this kinda dirty sound, while the solos are nothing less than striking and vintage to the bone. The bass/drums rhythm section is simple yet pounding, providing mid-pace and fast-tempo rockers, and the overall result shall feed the old American Metal fan's thirst.
Jonathan K.'s voice still kicks good ass. Even if he does not focus too much on high-pitched screams only, the times needed to unveil his supremacy he's ready and willing! Backed up buy a skilled set of musicians, he does deliver the melodies but - to where he can apply - he can still easily grab you by the balls and not let go.
The production is surely 'old school'. The mix does justice and the songs' sequence is valid. In general, while it's not been more that 5-6 auditions till now, Stand And Be True is a nice surprise from a long(?) forgotten band. Fans of traditional Metal the American way, that also want their meal served in a Hard Rock (hey, no 'hair' Metal stuff over here) dressing, will find tons of pleasure in this new NIGHTSHADE release. Let's say that a good US/British Metal blend of Q5 and SAXON/DEMON is right here waiting as of now, plus vinyl lovers would wear a big smile to the hearing of a possible LP release!

3 Star Rating

On The Road To Madness
Lucifer's Angel
The Walls Of Derry
Strange Aeons (pt.1)
Strange Aeons (pt.2)
Stand And Be True
We Will Fight
Jonathan Scott K. - Vocals
Rick Pierce - Guitars
Evan Sheeley - Bass
Frankie Rongo - Drums
Record Label: Hellion Records


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