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Nightwish - Wish I Had An Angel (CD)

Wish I Had An Angel
by Yiannis Mitsakos at 08 October 2004, 2:24 PM

Wish I Had An Angel comes in two versions; a CD single and a DVD single. The first one includes two versions of the title song, the Once and the demo version, a late 80's pop song cover and the instrumental version of Ghost Love Score. The DVD single includes two versions of the Wish I Had An Angel video clip, a making of and Ghost Love Score in 5.1 audio format. Both releases include a photo gallery and a screen saver.
This review is for the CD single. There's no need to say anything more about the Once version of Wish I Had An Angel, you can just read my review on the album. The demo version is a rough pre-orchestra cut, with minimal keyboards, simple guitars and drumming, a bit different lyrics and uhm…moans… It's heavier, less electronic and less stylized, with more emphasis on Tarja's voice; Marco sounds heavier too. It's always interesting to listen to the before and after versions. I think I liked the duo's vocal performance a bit more in this version, perhaps it's just because they orchestra didn't overlap them.
For those who wondered how and orchestra only Ghost Love Score would sound, you will find your answer in the CD single. It's an excellent composition that could stand as equal amongst any modern soundtrack.
Where Were You Last Night is a cover song of a late 80's Swedish Pop hit from Ankie Bagger. Nope, you won't hear a Metal version of it, just a heavier Pop version with some Nightwish elements. It's a chance for Tarja to sing something different than metal and she is damn good; let's just hope no one will let her know and tempt her to change sides. Tell you what; just forget the previous sentence altogether and go la la la I never read that. Don't expect any lyrics with deep meanings; just someone waiting by the phone, you can guess the rest. Writing lyrics before the cell phones became common can be a bitch.
The photo gallery has 20-30 pictures, most of which can't be found anywhere else. The screensaver is just like the photo gallery. Unfortunately the photo gallery crashed when I tried to open it with my main PC but it worked fine on my secondary one. The first one has Service Pack 2 installed; the other one has Service Pack 1. Keep that in mind in case you can open the photo gallery. You can just install the screensaver and hit preview so you won't miss anything.
With that said, I think it's obvious that the CD & DVD singles are for Nightwish fans only. If you want to listen to Tarja singing Pop or you have a sound system capable of playing Ghost Love Score to its full extend, this one's for you. Hopefully, the next album will be entirely in 5.1 format. How about it Tuomas?

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Wish I Had An Angel
Ghost Love Score (Instrumental Score)
Where Were You Last Night
Wish I Had An Angel (Demo Version)
Tarja Turunen - Vocals
Tuomas Holopainen - Keyboards
Marco Hietala - Bass & Vocals
Erno 'Emppu' Vuorinen - Guitars
Jukka Nevalainen - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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