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Nigromantia - Inherited Burden

Inherited Burden
by Cameron Ervin at 21 February 2013, 12:16 PM

Variety on a Death Metal album is quite hard to come by nowadays. A band usually tries to be over baring and brutal as can be and that tends to make all the songs sound the same. Now, for some people that maybe exactly what they are looking for but I’m not “some people”. I think a good album is made up of different sounding standout songs and although not every song on “Inherited Burden” stands out they all sound different. I don’t think NIGROMANTIA was trying to make the most brutal album and that helped them a lot. Bits of this album even dabbled into the Progressive genre, listen to the intro to “Fallout” and I think you’ll agree. This good melodic Death Metal band possesses a tremendous amount of talent and it’s a shame they aren’t signed to a label.

NIGROMANTIA’s “Inherited Burden” has an overall sludgy sound giving them a unique feel in the Death Metal scene. Many times on this album I felt like I was listening to an AMON AMARTH song because it sounds very robust and thunderous. A prime example would be “Still Born Justice”. The double bass cuts through the barrage of down tuned guitars helping to create the bombastic sound. The rest of the drums, however, sound a wee bit muffled. The percussion section might have had more to offer but it was difficult for me to hear over the rest of the mix. The riffs and solo bits performed by the dual guitarists are very tasty adding variety making “Inherited Burden” more entertaining than other Death Metal albums. Every song has unique riffs and licks, not to mentions solos. Dávid Egri-Kiss and Péter Kiss sure know what they are doing and aren’t afraid to use the entire fret bored! Krisztián Gaál, bass and vocals, does a pretty good job of going from low growls to high pitched screams without faltering. The bass is a different story; unfortunately the bass lines are buried underneath the rest of the musical onslaught. For the full 8 tracks this album doesn’t let up. The length of this record is perfect. It’s not too long, it’s not too short. Just when you’re thinking, “I’m ready for something else.” the record comes to a close.

“Inherited Burden” has all the melodicism of AMON AMARTH and the technicality of Beyond Creation. The variety on this record is high making this an album I can come back to over time. If any band deserves to be signed to a label this one does.

4 Star Rating

1. At the Edge of Sanity
2. Point of No Return
3. Unhealed Scars
4. Stillborn Justice
5. Inherited Burden
6. Art of Killing
7. Final Salvation
8. Fallout
Dávid Egri-Kiss - Guitars
Krisztián Gaál- Bass, Vocals
Gergő Gazdag - Drums
Péter Kiss – Guitars
Record Label: Noisehead Records


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