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Nigrum - Elevenfold Tail

Elevenfold Tail
by Andrew Harvey at 06 February 2023, 6:08 AM

NIGRUM are a black metal band that originally came from Mexico as J, their guitarist/vocalist comes from his previous band SHADOWGRAVE to form the black metal band with other members of bands namely; INFERNA and HABORYM. The band began their musical expedition in 2015 when the band was first put together, their lineup has changed along the way and this didn’t affect the band releasing their first EP titled MOR NOX REGINA in 2016. This was followed up by an EP in 2018 titled DEATH’S PRAYERS and a demo titled CREMER IGNE in 2020, now over two years later the band’s debut album ELEVENFOLD TAIL has been released as of December 2022. It should be mentioned also that the band did also relocate to Sweden, but the members are all of Mexican origins, no doubt the move to the Scandinavian regions may have inspired them as the very best black metal bands also come from Sweden.

The band's new album opens up with “Prologue”, a fairly short soundscape only half a minute long, before we enter the second track which is “Haunting Fields” as the forbidden sounds of mellow depressing guitars are in flight and of course for drums and vocals to join in the fun. The drums are startling to say the least, they do step up into a more thrash styled rhythm with staggered drum hits, the vocals are eerie as they grind their teeth muttering each word with means and opportunity for catastrophic clashing. The tempo of the track is steady and does propel for slightly faster beats, but overall is clear, however later on it does have more of a sway movement in tempo. The track varies in tempo as we edge closer to the next track.

“Ea Quae Sanguinem Bibit” as drums bash around with guitars rebelling as they cause the track to have such mesmerizing clashes of guitars, drums and vocals which does come in as we hear stomping drum backbeats. The track is less disorientated and rather more even, less disjointed and certainly more like a thrash styled song as the drums represents the difference in the song with vocals staying true to its purpose in symbolizing dismay and disobedience. Guitar has a section to pick its notes like a harp does, as we hear drums striking key notes and vocals making its return as a pulsating assemble of all instruments brings us further on. “Per Sepulchra Regionum” is up next as we hear amplified feedback before a cunning guitar riff is combined with daring drums no doubt vocals is the strongest part of the track to create the imagery of hopelessness and death.

The metallic ringing of cymbals and the endless rage of vocals is somewhat violent as the track smashes with vengeance. There is such a contrast also between those sections that are either slow or faster, do prove that this band is very flexible when it comes to dynamics. “Murderer, Dweller” is off to a lightning bolt of running around, as we hear guitars and drums dictating this track for the most part. The sheer tension and deadly attack of the black metal elements is truly overpowering, there are a mix of high end hisses and low end thumps of raging vocals also in the mix is daunting although there aren't as many vocal contributions to this track. “In Nocte Consilium” is a short acoustic guitar track where it’s raw and the following track after which is “Reaching Arms Beyond”, also less than one minute like the previous track, which contains sustained electric guitars ringing out and creating a dark surrounding as before.

“Eleven Feathered Tempest” playing mid - high end guitar tuning and the vocals dominating as always is not to be overshadowed by the bashing of drums. A slight hint of percussive drumming with accented guitar notation, as we hear the speed metal infused drumming creating mass panic. Then almost a quieter section comes, as there is a calming atmosphere with slow rise of drums with cymbal hits, as gunfire blaze of drums is back in play. Into “Serpent’s Tribe” we go with noisy guitars and cymbal hits as an intro to this 5 minute track as we hear more sustained notation from the guitars and drums, less hasty than before as the tempo is pulled back. A duel between guitars and drums are almost everlasting before vocals come back, then another opportunity for guitar to show its cruel menacing mischief.

“Epilogue” is another short pit stop for less than a minute as organ sound is signaling the transition going straight into what is the final track of this album titled “Apparition”. Melancholic guitar is first with cymbals ringing as the drums have command of the building crescendo, before a pulsating rampage of a section with all hands on deck with a full band unison. The tempo slows down a bit or at least less racy, still on a short leash and out of control, as guitar sweeps through again with a repeat of the mellow intro sound we first heard. A short intermission then the tempo is pushed back up to full pelt, as we edge closer to the end of this album, every contribution of each instrument alone is well thought out. There is no way this band can really take a timeout for any period but this is the classic sound of a confident black metal band who are looking to go on to achieve more success as they have already. I have heard a lot of good things, can the band keep this up in their next release, we will have to wait and see.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Prologue
2. Haunting Fields
3. Ea Quae Sanguinem Bibit
4. Per Sepulchra Regionum
5. Murderer, Dweller
6. In Nocte Consilium
7. Reaching Arms Beyond
8. Eleven Feathered Tempest
9. Serpent’s Tribe
10. Epilogue
11. Apparitions
J - Vocals and Guitars
M - Lead Guitars
O - Bass Guitar
F - Drums
Record Label: Into Endless Chaos


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