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Nihil Eyes - Black Path Award winner

Nihil Eyes
Black Path
by Jess at 30 January 2018, 12:38 PM

NIHIL EYES is a Death Metal band that formed in Britain in 2016 by lead vocalist and guitarist Jones and drummer Ogiełło. In early 2017 the trio was completed with the addition of bassist Morgan. Just months after the lineup was completed, they released “Black Path” in October 2017. An eight track, debut release that comes in with a listening time of just under 38 minutes.

The opening track “Nihil Eyes” comes in heavy. Like the weight of the world is crushing your chest. At a bit before the one-minute mark, the tempo increases but the track keeps its heavy undertone. The bass is dripping in its thickness and what’s even better? The drums, that are not only the deep sister to the bass, but can also produce a masterful blast beat. The guitar, with help from the drums, creates a quicker tempo and skillful play. The vocals are a deep growl from the essence of being. They really are spectacular. The end of the track leaves us much like it came; crushing energy waves, thick with dread.

Burn The Leech” is a quick number at just 2:13. Within those two minutes though, there is blast beat mania from start to finish. The vocals here bark with authority and demand to be heard. The guitar is as quick as lightening and the riffs are powerful. The bass is the back bone and simply put, phenomenal. For such a small track, there is so much to hear.

Track four “As The Water Falls” is another heavy track that pretty much keeps that feeling throughout. There are some more spoken vocals here and the guitars get to shine a little bit with some higher play time that makes the bass feel so devastatingly low. This track has a little bit of a Progressive flare to it. The missing constant blast beats help propel that feeling without surrendering their Death Metal roots. This is by far my favorite track on the album. NIHIL EYES’ musicianship shows completely in this one with each instrument contrasting with the other. Incredible work.

Border Line”, track five, brings back the heavy destructive sound. The guitars are fast and furious, following closely with the blast beats. The bass is low, keeping weight to the track. At about 3:30 in the track slows a bit creating a lighter feeling that allows the guitar work lead use out.

Track seven, “Treachery and Id”, is first and foremost one of the most badass track names I’ve ever seen.  The id is a part of the personality structure. It can be thought of as the contrast to ego. It contains the most basic humanistic instincts. Infancy mind is considered to be completely made of id. So, as you can see with a very basic explanation, the name is cool. The track lives up to the name. It too, is cool. It has some different play styles and more traditional overall sound. There are still the heavier Death Metal elements, but this one is so much lighter than its predecessors. The dueling bass and guitar is a great add.

The final track, “Manifesto” comes in so light. It’s a little refresher before you are thrown back into the havoc and depth that is NIHIL EYES. The spoken vocals are especially satisfying. They contrast with the normal vocals exceptionally. This is another track that the bands musicianship really shows through and another solid track, leading us out with a child’s “I love you daddy.”

Black Path” is a crushing album, that will bring you up for air every now and again, just to push you back down. This is Death Metal at some if its finest. For such a young band, they have incredible skill and musicianship. Skills that takes some bands years and years to accomplish. Check this album out. Feel it.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Nihil Eyes
2. Burn The Leech
3. Lord Of Flies
4. As The Water Falls
5. Border Line
6. True Nihilist
7. Treachery And Id
8. Manifesto
Casey Jones – Vocals and Guitar
Max Morgan - Bass
Szymon Ogiełło – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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