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Nihilist Death Cult - Death To All Tyrants

Nihilist Death Cult
Death To All Tyrants
by MetalWim at 14 January 2023, 2:47 PM

This morning I went to walk the dog in the pouring rain. Not something I was looking forward to doing, but he needs his exercise as much as I do. And, as it is a Saturday, I usually take him for a longer stroll, so that it what we did. I have to admit that during those walks I always listen to albums I will be reviewing. It took me more than twice the length of the debut NIHILST DEATH CULT album “Death To All Tyrants” to arrive back home, so I was gone a very long time. Well, not really, as the nine songs that you get to hear have a total playing time of just over fourteen minutes. Yes, 14! How’s that for a short and sweet album?

NIHILST DEATH CULT are from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and they say they play Hardcore Death Punk. Well, the first thing that strikes me is that they have taken the NIHILST part of the name quite literally. They have stripped the songs of everything they really don’t need. No intros, no outros, no unnecessary guitar solos, not too many lyrics. But what is said in those vocal lines all make sense and are definitely related to the title of this. In your face, no mucking about, straight to the point is how Nick Sagias likes to be. And it works.

The intensity on this slab of pure filth “Death To All Tyrants” is exceptionally high. There is no respite, there are no pauses, there is no holding back. I truly feel that if these guys play a show of more than half an hour they will drop dead. Unless they allow themselves breaks in between. But as they are not letting us as the listeners enjoy that luxury, I suspect that they will be just as hard on themselves.

In the fourteen minutes that NIHILST DEATH CULT are pouring their red-hot Hardcore Death Punk over our heads and into our unsuspecting ears, I can only say that I am very pleasantly surprised at the level that I am relishing the fact that I am allowed to review this. As I usually need four or five listens to make my mind up about what to say, that took me less than an hour and a half this time. Even typing this review meant listening to “Death To All Tyrants” twice, again. But please, don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for my neighbours.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Follow The Money (1:06)
2. Hunting For Prey (1:38)
3. Obey & Consume (1:55)
4. Wake Up! (0:57)
5. Death To All Tyrants (1:25)
6. Ready For War (2:07)
7. Imperium (1:49)
8. Is This Progress? (2:01)
9. You Get What You Deserve (1:04)
Nick Sagias - Bass/Vocals
John Sagias - Drums
Ethan Bolduc – Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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