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Nihilist - Nihilist (CD)

by Michael Dalakos at 19 April 2005, 3:45 AM

I am pretty sure all of you Death metalers out there know who Nihilist were. In case you don't then you probably aren't a big fan of the genre… as you might think you are. This piece of work has a deep historical meaning. Collectors around the world have spent during the last years a serious amount of money trying to gather up everything related to… Entombed!
But you knew it, right? I mean you knew that Nihilist was the early form of Entombed. This CD is actually the gathering of all the demo recordings the band attained in a period of two years when they bared the moniker of Nihilist. And in a short period, such as two years, the band proved to be really influential for the entire European Death Metal scene.
Seven compositions included in this CD can also be found in their debut album released by Earache Records, entitled Left Hand Path. This means a lot, since Earache was well known as being the elite label for extreme acts in the late 80's / mid 90's. So apart from the difference in the sound between each demo recording (something completely logical since we are talking about a series of cassettes) this CD stands as a brilliant gift not only for the fans of Entombed. I am pretty sure they already have the songs included here in some other format.
For the rest of the audience however it's a unique opportunity to actually get to know this phenomenal act at its birth. None can deny the fact that the progress in the band's sound within only two years is unique. Of course there are some songs of less quality BUT don't forget a minor detail, none of the members of Nihilist was an adult at that time (so when they signed the contract with Earache parental guidance was obligatory)!
To sum it up, this collectors item CD comes to quench the fans of Entombed who desperately searched (and paid) for everything included in this release, for almost a decade. For the rest it's also a priceless monument from a band destined to change lots of things in extreme sound, generally.

4 Star Rating

Sentenced To Death *
Supposed To Rot *
Carnal Leftovers *
Abnormally Deceased * *
Revel In Flesh **
Face Of Evil **
Severe Burns ***
Where Lifa Has Ceased ***
Morbid Devourment ***
Radiation Sickness ***
Face Of Evil ***
But Life Goes On ****
Shreds Of Flesh ****
The Truth Beyond ****

* taken from the Premature Autopsy Demo, 1988
** taken from the Only Shred Remains Demo, 1988
*** taken from the Drowned Demo, 1989
**** taken from the But Life Goes On Demo, 1989
Nicke Andersson - Vocals & Guitar
Alex Helid - Guitar
L.G. Petrov - Vocals
Ulf Cederlund - Guitar
Leif Cuzner - Guitar & Bass
Johnny Hedlund - Bass
David Blomqvist - Bass
Record Label: Threeman


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