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Nihility - Beyond Human Concepts

Beyond Human Concepts
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 24 March 2022, 12:30 PM

Maybe fans can’t understand this simple idea with words, but I’ll try: from time to time, all musical genres changes in some ways. It can be said as an evolution of recording technologies, new musical influences from younger generations, excesses on beer, and things like that. As an example, what we can label as ‘traditional Death Metal model’ is far different of that one established by DEATH, POSSESSED, MASTER, REPULSION and MASSACRE in the 80’s, and of 90’s Second Wave as well. This aspect must be established to understand what “Beyond Human Concepts”, the new album of the Lusitanian quintet NIHILITY, is up to.

Portuguese Death Metal has a particular DNA, and these guys shows it on their music, because even playing a form of traditional Death Metal that’s used today (it’s weird to use ‘modern traditional’ words together), their insight is a bit different: coherent melodic sense during the solos, an abrasive and raw ambience fills all the songs, and the brutality is clear on their songs. Full of aggressiveness, but built with care, the songs of the band are really very good, using some Thrash Metal hooks in many moments, and an amazing energy flows from this album. Prepare for the impact! The sonority of “Beyond Human Concepts” follows the tendencies used today: defined in a form that everything can be understood easily (especially due the Thrash Metal elements told above), but with sets of instrumental tunes that allows the aggressiveness of the band to be boosted. Be prepared!

It’s obvious that they still have to mature a bit more (because their work gives the idea that they can be even better than is heard), for those addicted on Death Metal, is impossible to resist to moments as “Martydom for the Herd” (a modern Death Metal song with a traditional embodiment, filled with excellent grunts), “Hubris” (a very good example of the hooks inherited from Thrash Metal said above, but some extreme moments from bass guitar and drums are really great), “Human Stupidity” (a hooking classic Death Metal song), “Conflicting Vanities” (this one is amazing, using elements of a traditional insight on Death Metal with technical parts, and of moments of modern aspects, and what a great technical work from bass guitar along the intense and hooks guitars riffs and solos), and the breaking ground brutality of “The Religious Dogma”.

NIHILITY is really a promising name and can sail deeper waters in the future. But until the next time, enjoy this Death Metal tsunami called “Beyond Human Concepts”.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Martydom for the Herd
2. Hubris
3. Destroy the Shackles of Prejudice
4. Human Stupidity
5. Conflicting Vanities
6. Will to Power
7. The Religious Dogma
8. Beyond Human Concepts
9. Sea of Thoughts
Mário Ferreira - Vocals
Renato Barbosa - Guitars
Afonso Gomes - Guitars
Miguel Seewald - Bass
Luís Moreira - Drums
Record Label: Vicious Instinct Records


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