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Nimrod B.C. - God of War and Chaos Award winner

Nimrod B.C.
God of War and Chaos
by Kyle Scott at 09 January 2018, 6:18 AM

I wanted to write a single word for this review,


That was it. Maybe an exclamation point at the end, but really, that was it. I felt that anymore words to describe this mind-shattering album of epic old-school Thrash from Chile would be totally unnecessary. However, since my word count minimum and your insistence for context demands it, then I guess I’ll tell you why I love this album in more detail.

We’re immediately treated to a guitar getting properly shredded to shit in the album’s overture, “Introduction to Revolution” followed by a furious chant of “Rev! O! Lu! Tion!” just to make sure the blood is sufficiently pumped before we get started.

“Revolution Evilution” Proceeds to take over, not really caring if you aren’t prepared for things to start getting intense, and fast. Gary Wayne’s soaring vocals could put Bruce Dickenson to shame with the way he hits his high notes, but he’s not above growling like a beast that crawled out of Hell seconds later. The song concludes with their epic war chant of, “Rev! O! Lu! Tion!” while the drums barely avoid tripping over the beat as we really start diving into a blood-soaked insurrection in the following songs.

It’s good to know that if you ever found yourself in need to start a mosh pit in an emergency, “Frontal Assault” has you covered. This song made me want to open up a pit in my own car while driving, it is that aggression-inducing! After all that rage-boner fuel, a short acoustic break is much needed with “Winds” midway through the album. Just a peaceful moment away from all the screaming of war and anger. Catch your breath, take a second to rest after moshing ‘til you bled. Close your eyes, inhale, exhale, and open them again. You good? Refreshed? Great! Put on this helmet, this is your bayonet, a trench shovel, a cyanide pill if things really go downhill, and off you go brave soldier. You’re off to defend the front line in “They Shall Not Pass” next. Oh, you thought we were done fighting? No way! “Fukushima 666” is up after that, buddy. A terror ballad of irradiated zombies, nuclear power plants melting down, possible radioactive cannibalism, cancer rotting you from the inside, NIMROD B.C. is far from done with you.

NIMROD B.C. hasn’t had a proper debut release until now, but they’ve garnered a name for themselves since the mid 80’s during the peak of Thrash Metal. “God of War and Chaos” is completely untouched 80’s Thrash, much like a time capsule. It’s aggro, insane, and chock full of insane riffs to help you power through, literally, any tough time.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Introduction to Revolution
2. Revolution Evilution
3. Catastrophic Prophecies
4. God of War and Chaos
5. Frontal Assault
6. Winds
7. They shall not pass
8. Fukushima 666
9. At the Borders of the Mind
10. Metal Masters
Chris Ira - Guitar
Gary Wayne - Voice
Fernando Gonzales - Bass
Rodrigo Cerda - Drums 
Record Label: Metalapolis Records


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