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Nirnaeth - From Shadow to Flesh Award winner

From Shadow to Flesh
by James Brizuela at 20 November 2019, 4:15 AM

NIRNAETH, a blackened death metal band from France, originally formed in 2004. They developed a sound of pure vile black metal with death metal and thrash influences. They return with their third full-length album, “From Shadow To Flesh”. NIRNAETH has a lot of different sounds going in their music. The opening track “Dying of the Day” brings with it a sound of black and thrash metal. There is that vile black metal sound that is prototypical to the genre, but with some thrash-like chanting vocals to go along with it, which is a nice surprise. There is a pretty interesting thrash drum cadence that is present in a lot of the music.

Been There Before” showcases some of this, while also switching to the brutal blast beating typical to the black and death metal styles of music. Being that I am a complete fan of thrash, I can really enjoy the chanting vocals. It is always fun to be able to belt aloud the hook with the band. “The Crater” comes in with that more prototypical black metal sound while showcasing some impressive guitar work. “The Cursed” starts off with a more thrash-like sound complete with the punk-like chanting “hey!”. I am impressed in NIRNAETH’s ability to reinvent their black metal sound to incorporate many sub-genres while still upholding their brutal sound. Then you get hit with the impressive guitar soloing. You don’t usually get to hear that in a lot of black metal these days. There is this almost avant-garde way of presenting their black metal sound. You can hear this elevated way of brutality in “In Nomine Ego”.

Nihil in Me” brings in the vile black metal but incorporates some deeper gutter growls that I love. I would say that is the more tech-death sounding track that exists on the album. The vocal cadence and melody of “Once a Shadow” is the more thrash-like track on the album. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy how NIRNAETH seems to change up the sound in every track. There isn’t one that is just the simplistic black metal sound, that is sometimes boring. They seem to throw curve balls with their foundation adding a much more in-depth sound. Even when I think I have their sound figured out; I am hit with another surprise. There is a beautiful ending to this track of an acoustic guitar melody. Perfect way to end a brutal ripper of a track. The final track, “Forgotten and Chained” is the sum-total parts of a completely brutal and well put together black metal album. The elements of thrash and death come back with full force to cap off this excellent album.

From Shadow To Flesh” is an all around impressive black metal outing from NIRNAETH. They expertly combine many sub-genres to create this full sound while simultaneously remaining evil and vile. Their combining elements of thrash and death metal creates this beautiful array of beauty and violent triumph.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Dying of the Day
2. Been There Before
3. The Crater
4. Cursed
5. In Nomine Ego
6. Nihil in Me
7. Once a Shadow
8. Possession
9. Forgotten and Chained
Malaria – Bass
Mutill – Guitars
Zigouille – Vocals
Vagorn – Drums
Marbas – Guitars
Record Label: Malpermesita Records


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