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Nirvana 2002 - Recordings 89-91

Nirvana 2002
Recordings 89-91
by Dimitris Karametros at 04 March 2010, 12:03 PM

There is no school like old school they say and they are probably right, with the new bands to arrive on the scene breathless from mass media boosts and promises that they will fuck this world up with their great music and eventually being as impressive as shit comes a release from the past to remind us that there was soul in this genre that we love but we just decided to forget about it. You probably never heard of NIRVANA 2002 but when the underground stirred with something called "Swedish Death Metal" this band was there to place a small foundation stone to what will become one of the most legendary genres in Heavy Metal.

"Recordings 89-91" is the sum of all the songs the band could salvage for Relapse to create an album that can be used and should be use as a study book on how to create Death Metal. You’ll say to me "fuck you, they never made it!"; well sometimes the shoulders you stand on are more important than the height you reached from stepping on them. Back then it was pure, we were young and spent our days and nights listening to the bands that brought us the most brutal aspect of Heavy Metal, reading fanzines written in hand and then photocopied and distributed from hand to hand. We actually felt special representing the underground of the Heavy Metal scene, the aggressive side, the brutal side.

In the few songs that were salvaged one will be able to listen to good music, filled with riffs that amaze with their technicality. Truth is that there are times due to the fact that most of these songs were in tapes the production is awful, but enough to make your blood flow faster and your heart to start pound like the blast beats from Eric’s drums. The riffs that follow each track are unbiased to use norms from other genres. You will also see how important the bonding a band must have, they play not only like they mean it but they play as a band, together, they do not care to show off their impressive skills. They are just a group of teenagers who do what they love best, play Death Metal like the legends they grew up with. The vocals are brutal, hard bereft of all the distortions that can be applied by computers and programming, the whole sum of the album is dark, gritty and massively brutal.

If you feel nostalgic, find this album, if you think of starting a Death Metal band find this album and listen to old school. For fans of Death Metal and collectors of underground history.

3 Star Rating

  1. Mourning
  2. Slumber
  3. Zombification
  4. The Awakening Of…
  5. Further Beyond
  6. Snake
  7. Physical Excursion/Truth And Beauty
  8. Brutality
  9. The Awakening Of…
  10. Watch The River Flow
  11. In Fell Tongues
  12. Mourning (Live)
  13. Slumber (Original Mix)
  14. Zombification (Original Mix)
  15. The Awakening Of (Original Mix)
Orvar Sastrom - Guitars, Vocals
Eric Qvick - Drums
Lars Henricksson - Bass
Record Label: Relapse Records


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