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NitroGods – Ten Years of Crap

Ten Years of Crap
by Fred “Cage” Bonanno at 04 July 2022, 10:58 PM

NITROGODS, a rock trio from Hanover and Stuttgart, Germany formed in 2010 released their self-titled debut album in 2012. Guitarist’s Henry Wolter and Klaus Sperling have shared stages with rock greats MOTÖRHEAD, KISS and STATUS QUO while with their former bands PRIMAL FEAR, SINNER and Thunderhead. When Henry decided it was time to go back to his musical roots and start a new band that focused on simple blues and hard and dirty rock and roll, NITROGODS were born. After ten years of recording and touring, the band knew it was time to release a live album that captures the real power of their music and stage personality. The release of Ten Years of Crap (May 2022) delivers nineteen live tracks on a double CD. Live albums have been instrumental in promoting a bands career showcasing their stage persona and fan appeal, look what it did for KISS – Alive, DEEP PURPLE – Made in Japan, JUDAS PRIEST - Live Priest or QUEENSRŸCHE – Live at the Moore. So let me dig deep into this album and see where it lands in the realm of “live performances” Nineteen songs are a lot to review, but I will try and hit on most with my assessments. Yeah, it’s a big task, but that’s the kinda guy I am, so let’s go.

“Black Car Driving Man”, catchy rocking riffs with classic rock guitar sound. “Gasoline”, a bit more bluesy and folky, a sedate beat. Next, a slow dark and somber song “At Least I’m Drunk” very raspy and harsh vocals by Larcher, sounds like he took this one a little too personal and indulged in a few cocktails. “Breaking Loose”, gets back to more rock feel and tempo and nice flurry of classic rock hooks. Some niffy slide guitar work on “Boogeyman”. “A Los Muertos”, a Mexican rocker? Yep, and with a heavy guitar solo mixed in. Snappy bass groove opens “Back Home” and then transitions back to the traditional rock sound. Another nice slide guitar work by Wolter in a very blues-rock vibe. This is the longest song on the album at 6:29 that is rather catchy and very energetic. “Nothing but Trouble” has Wolter manning the microphone which gives the band a varied different sound although it sounds simplistic and just prods aimlessly along. Simply put, “Damn Right” is a carbon copy of Ace of Spades by MOTÖRHEAD, with aggressive guitar chops. I particularly enjoyed “Rancid Rock” (love the title) it’s heavy and a riveting rock song, only problem is that it’s only 2:47 long. I was just getting into it and, poof, it’s over.

“Drum solo”, thought maybe they were kidding, but no just a drum solo “Whellin” jumps back and forth between rock and blues with good rhythm, riffs, and jive. Back to just rock with “Rats and Rumours”, nice husky beat. The most interesting song to me is “Whiskey Wonderland”, a true George Thorogood sound with melody and tempo changes that work nicely with the whamming guitar work. “Wasted in Berlin”, a nice mixture of Wolter’s beefy guitar and Larcher’s infectious growling give this song a lot of punch. The album ends with a filthy, foot tapping number “We’ll Bring the House Down”, a definite crowd pleaser and sing-along.

Musically NITROGODS delivers a rough, raw, and edgy sound with grooving riffs and steady and consistent rhythm beats. The vocals by Larcher are a Lemmy from MOTÖRHEAD sound alike. The lyrics are mostly simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated. They definitely have their unmistakable sound. They are a “let’s start a bar fight” band. A cross between blues, rock and psychobilly. The songs are all in the 3:30 range. I would have preferred a few less songs on this double live CD and more jamming, but I guess that is the bands modus operandi. As far as joining the aforementioned “elite” bands with a kick-ass live album, sorry, NITROGODS, I cannot put you in the team photo.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

CD 1
1. Black Car Driving Man
2. Gasoline
3. At Least I’m Drunk
4. Breaking Loose
5. Boogieman
6. A Los Muertos
7. Back Home
8. Rifle Down
9. Lipsynch Stars
CD 2
10. Nothing but Trouble
11. Damn Right
12. Rancid Rock
13. Drum Solo
14. Whellin
15. Rats & Rumours
16. Take it to the Highway
17. Whiskey Wonderland
18. Wasted in Berlin
19. We’ll Bring the House Down
Henry Wolter – guitar/vocals
Klaus Sperling – drums
Claus “Oimel” Larcher – bass/vocals
Record Label: Massacre Records


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Edited 27 January 2023

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