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No Bros - Export Of Hell Award winner

No Bros
Export Of Hell
by Cullen Baldridge at 30 September 2019, 3:36 PM

NO BROS is a Heavy Metal from Innsbruck, Austria and was established in in 1974, they have released several albums, bringing us to their latest exploration of Hard Rock mentality, "Export Of Hell".

"This Is No Bros" starts out really bluesy, with little heavier vocals, than your typical blues, it's basically a song about the band and how what they feel the band is about. "Love Or Hate Me" is about falling in love and what comes along with it and wanting the spell to be broken before it comes to a heartbreaking end, it has a pretty cool acoustic guitar intro. "Fade" starts out somewhat heavier, it's more of a Metal Song than the previous songs, the bass is deep, the guitar work is solid, not a bad song at all. "Export Of Hell" continues with the heaviness, to not confuse anybody, it's not what I consider as Heavy Metal but is a good rocking seventies style song, it's a pretty solid title track. "Ripped To Pieces" is even a little more hard and comes closer to what I consider to be Metal, the musicianship is solid and the vocals are very much heavier and more so of what I expected.

"Alcohol And Bad Decisions" is a 70s party song and the trouble it can get you into and how your friends help you get into that trouble, it has rocking guitars and some pretty cool keyboards, the drumming is pretty sick also, the bass lines are pretty simple but good, fitting perfectly with the song. "Rainbow In The Dust" is a pretty wicked keyboard solo. "Theater Of Dreams" comes off theatrical, in an IRON MAIDEN kind of way, It's one of the harder songs on the album, it's a pretty cool song. "Way Down To The Edelweiss" is an all-star jam, the guitars are amazing to listen to, there's nothing simple about the bass playing here, the drums are tight, the keyboard playing is some of the finest that you will ever hear but I didn't find out what a edelweiss was.

"Black Maiden" is toned back down in the beginning but builds back up, Andreas Brunner's keyboards abilities are nothing short of amazing, not only on this song but throughout the album. "Holiday With HH" is my least favorite song on the album but it still has great musicianship and cool vocals, I just can't get into it.  "Little Boy " could have easily been mistaken as an EAGLES song in the beginning but around the one minute and fifty-two second mark, that comparison is gone, switching up to a much heavier mode. "Thousand Years Of Austro Rock" is an up-tempo rock song with several instruments incorporated, It's pretty cool how it all is transitioned together, also includes several techniques of guitar styles, it's definitely a song worth checking out.

"Export Of Hell" is a well written album, there's something for everybody on it, there's soft stuff, heavy stuff and everything in between, I can't imagine anybody not being able to find at least one song that speaks to them in some form.

Songwriting: 10
Originally: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. This Is No Bros
2. Love Or Hate Me
3. Fade
4. Export Of Hell
5. Ripped To Pieces
6. Alcohol And Bad Decisions
7. Rainbows In The Dust
8. Theater Of Dreams
9. Way Down To The Edelweiss
10. Black Maiden
11. Holiday With HH
12. Little Boy
13. Thousand Years Of Austro Rock
Len Ezinger - Vocals
Klaus Schubert - Guitars
Franz HeumAdele - Drums
Michael Ausserhofer - Bass
Andreas Brunner - Keyboards
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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