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No Gravity – Worlds In Collision (CD)

No Gravity
Worlds In Collision
by Federico Taich at 07 March 2011, 11:20 PM

The NO GRAVITY line-up was completed by equally skilled band members. In addition to Simone Fiorletta's virtuoso guitar work there is the second guitarist Davide Perruzza, keyboardist Andrea De Paoli, bassist Andrea Casali and drummer Marco Aiello who formed a formidable unit with instrumental prowess and a delivery to rival the sub-genre's big names. The music for “Worlds In Collision” was entirely written and arranged by Simone Fiorletta whilst on each track, numerous vocalists were given the task of composing their own lyrics and vocal melodies. The album was recorded, mastered and mixed by Fiorletta in his studio; with the exception of the vocal tracks which were recorded at various studios of the singers' own choice.

The first song “Sailing On Sight”, started with an atmospheric intro that is very typical for a Prog Metal album and then it turned into a very complex track; too complex for an opening song in my opinion. The vocals were very mediocre, and the chorus was not strong enough. The good thing was that from the second song, “The Killer”, and on, the record turned out to be really good. Simone and the guys took me to a journey of melodic Power Metal full of complex arrangements, odd time signatures and virtuosity that reminded me of old DREAM THEATER and SYHMPHONY X albums, but with a modern twist. “Can't Dream Anymore”, “Voices From The Past” and “Religious Beliefs” are on the same wave as "The Killer", and are truly killer tracks. Also it would be good to mention the singers on those songs that did a really good job with the lyrics, vocal arrangements on the excellent music that Simone composed.

Coming up to the slower sections, “I'm bleeding” is the first of two ballads on the record and I can say that it is a good power ballad. However, the drum parts are over played. Even veteran players as Mike Portnoy (ex DREAM THEATER) or Jason Rullo (SYMPHONY X)  knew very well how to adjust the drum parts to what a song needed and not only try to show all of his skills in every song. “Touchin My Enemy”, is the other ballad  but this time the mood of the song and the playing of each player fitted perfectly and made this epic ballad great. In my opinion this is one of the best songs on the album. The last song, "Unexpected Gift", was a closing song as a closer should have been. It's a great epic 10+ minute long with all the things a wonderful Prog Metal song needs.

On the production's side, the album sounds great, Simone did a great job mixing and mastering the album. The guitar parts were sophisticate, interesting and with a great sound. Accordingly were the vocals that sounded clear, powerful and really good on the overall mix, even though those were not recorded in the same studio. I hope that on the next record, the keys will receive more space as on this one the keyboard parts were there to fill and not as much as leads or felt on the rhythm parts,. Furthermore, I think that the keyboard parts are way to electro on most songs, but on the other side, this is something that is normal nowadays in the Prog Metal world in Europe, and in a way it fits the songs. Nevertheless, I expected to hear more melodic and orchestral parts, especially in the songs that were more Power oriented.

Overall, if you like Prog / Power Metal with some twists you will defenetly like this album. But, I think that if in the next record the band will work on the songs with a single singer, and as a band and not only players playing Simone written parts, it will be a better album. Simone did a good job, but as the only composer he took the focus a little out of the other instruments naturally.

3 Star Rating

1. Sailing On Sight
2. The Killer
3. Can’t Dream Anymore
4. Voices From The Past
5. Religious Beliefs
6. I’m Bleeding
7. Nowadays
8. Touchin’ My Enemy
9. Unexpected Gift
Simone Fiorletta – Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Davide Perruzza – Electric Guitars
Andrea De Paoli – Keyboards
Andrea Casali – Bass
Marco Aiello – Drums
Michele Luppi – Vocals
Andy Kuntz – Vocals
Emiliano Germani – Vocals
Fabio Lione – Vocals
Mark Basile – Vocals
Roberto Tiranti – Vocals
Record Label: Lion Music


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