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No Light Escapes - The Purity of Grief

No Light Escapes
The Purity of Grief
by John Foley at 23 June 2021, 6:46 AM

Taking the Vancouver scene by storm since 2016 we have Progressive Metalcore act NO LIGHT ESCAPES with their new album “The Purity of Grief” which was released back in May 2021. The band used to go by the name TECHNICAL DAMAGE but changed their name to reflect the new sound they were making during the recording sessions of this album which took place during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are a fan of BORN OF OSIRIS, POISON THE WELL and AFTER THE BURIAL then this is the band for you.

The album opens with this killer riff as the band then storms right in to kick off the first track “The Final Arbiter". The song has a great groove to it which is mixed with a bit of technical ability. There are some very melodic chorus sections and the vocals here are great. When the breakdown hits it really beats you down and the double bass drum kicks in to help build the song back up. There are a lot of heavy sections here and at the same time there are a lot of melodic sections to which really shows the band which will appear a lot throughout this album. One of the singles taken from the album is “In Absentia" and when the song starts the band wastes no time in jumping right into it with some nasty sounding riffs and great rhythms throughout. Some of the sections here really create an atmosphere and you got to head bang along with this one. The vocals show a lot of range here and the lead guitar lines really help lift the song up. This is a great track.

After that we have the song “Cascade". Some clean melody lines open this one as a heavy guitar comes in and keeps that same feel. As the vocals come in the song begins to stomp along. The dual guitar work is quite interesting as the middle section comes in. This middle section is melodic and beautiful as we then get the soft female vocals from guest singer ALEX BADGER, the combination of her vocals and that of the bands singer, KURTIS JEFFREY add a nice contrast to each other as the song then builds back up. With heavy grooves from the start we then get fan favourite “Ruminate”. The speed and the pace then pick straight up with some chaotic melodies as the bass here really shines through. The middle section here gives off this epic feel to it which then switches to an evil feel. The double bass off the drums pound away as we then get a guitar solo here that is not too over the top but effective. This one shows great musicianship.

The final track on the album is “Phoenix" and tight from the start we get a feeling something big is coming. The vocals sound great here. It is very melodic with harsh vocals mixed in to get a feeling of being lost in disappear. It then builds back up and the sound has this real epic feel to it. This song does a great job at bringing it up to be quite heavy and then bringing it down to be soft and melodic. We are also git with a killer guitar solo which really lifts the song up. The vocals show a lot of range as the band are giving it everything they got to go out with a bang. From listening to “The Purity of Grief” NO LIGHT ESCAPES have a great mix of heavy grooves with a lot of melody. It fits that modern Metalcore sound nicely in a progressive setting with some great vocal work. The sections transcend into each other really well and the songs bring you on a dark journey with its lyrical themes of such disappear.

Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 7
Musicianship: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Final Arbiter
2. High Tide
3. Spectors
4. In Absentia
5. Cascade
6. Ruminate
7. The Summit
8. Phoenix
Kurtis Jeffrey – Vocals
Peter Baychi – Guitars
Harrison Shaw – Guitars
Chris McIllrow – Bass
Michael Baychi – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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