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No Limited Spiral - Into The Marinesnow

No Limited Spiral
Into The Marinesnow
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 11 September 2017, 12:22 PM

NO LIMITED SPIRAL comes from Osaka, Japan; a Melodic Death Metal quartet formed in 2009. They have released an EP in 2012 and their debut full-length in 2014 titled “Precode: Slaughter.” The band now presents their newest album here in 2017, titled “Into the Marinesnow.” Japanese are long known for their love of Metal, and I am happy to make this band’s acquaintance as musicians, and eagerly dive into this review. This genre is an interesting style of music. Forefathers IN FLAMES, DARK TRANQUILITY, AT THE GATES and ARCH ENEMY are the “Big Four” if you will, creating the genre in the mid-1990’s. All four bands are still going strong mind you, but some have deviated from the earlier formats while others have refused to venture out and push the genre forward. It is in younger bands we must look for original material. Let’s get to the review.

“In Reminisce” is a brief opening instrumentals, with ominous bell tones and some lofty lead breaks. It segues into “Nyx.” It’s a fast moving track with harmonic guitar rhythms and break-neck drumming. The harsh vocals are in the mid to high range for the most part and are not overly aggressive, allowing the music to be heard more easily. They definitely have a developed sense for when the guitar harmonies need to shine in this genre. “The Witch of Dusk” is another hasty track, with a more noticeable keyboard presence that adds layers here for the listener. Some nimble lead guitar work is noteworthy as well, in a twin-attack. “Kalra the Everlasting Red” hears the maddening pace continue—this is four tracks in a row with the same meter which can tend to cause some of the sound to run together. There is however a great melodious passage that leads to the guitar solo with some soft keyboards as well and I would like to hear more of that.

“Daffodil” is the first song that gives us a varied sound. As it opens with a mid-temp piano melody, it reminds us of the gentler side of the genre, which can be every bit as potent as the heavier side. The string effects are enhancing as well, which really paint a lovely landscape, leading to “The Rusted Dream and My Sweet Nightmare.” It’s another charged song that is brow-beating and rigorous in its delivery. Something that makes this song stand out is the effects that underlie the vocals…they give it an edge for sure. “Cherished, Frozen and Faded” utilizes a little more in the keyboard department which keeps it a bit different from some of the other Melo-Death that is out there. But that all-too-familiar meter once again greys the edges of some of the areas that could have been accented better.

There is no question that this is a talented band who create Melodic Death Metal steep in the tradition of the genre, with all of the elements that you would expect from the style. But, it lacks in the area of originality and just too closely follows the steps of the forefathers in a sound that you have heard before. Their energy is probably their best feature on the album. Combined with their skill it is a formidable dual attack but not quite enough to save them from too many tracks that have a similar sound.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. In Reminisce
2. Nyx
3. The Witch of Dusk
4. Gestalt Eve
5. Kalra the Everlasting Red
6. Daffodil
7. The Rusted Dream and My Sweet Nightmare
8. Dissolved in the Color of Ocean
9.  Cherished, Frozen and Faded
10. Clockwork Serenade
Ren – Guitars, Vocals
Pon – Guitars
Nene – Bass
Ruri – Keyboards
Kegoi – Drums
Record Label: WormHoledeath Productions


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