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No Raza – Transcending Material Sins Award winner

No Raza
Transcending Material Sins
by Mark Weeks at 19 April 2020, 2:26 PM

What rock have I been hiding under? NO RAZA has been active since 1997 and I’ve just come across them? Anyway, let’s begin this shit just as abruptly as this album did.

When I turned this release on, it came out swinging. Tight choppy riffs that could have been on NEVERMORE’s "The Politics of Ecstasy" appear on "On the Verge of Dying Out." This isn’t a Power Thrash album though, no matter what the band photo might have you think. This is tight Death Metal done Tampa style. The style makes sense from a band who hails from South America and relocated to Florida Low guttural growls that would make DEICIDE or CANNIBAL CORPSE proud. You can here some HATE ETERNAL and MORBID ANGEL in here as well.

"Reborn" is another standout track. Trim picked guitar riffs, blast beats, groove riff and tight changes. That’s also a pretty good description for the full album. This band has the chops and delivers the good throughout. "Sail In Rot" begins with an almost Black Metal riff before quickly slamming back into pure Death territory. I was wondering when the release would come. I didn’t think the band would go the distance without a change up and we get it in "Decontamination." The breakdown features a piano over distorted guitars before transition into a spoken word section that would have fit in on MAYHEM’s "Grand Declaration of War." "Atrición" is another track that breaks up the pure Death assault with an almost clean guitar followed by another almost Black Metal riff before quickly bringing us back to the death flow. The guitar solos are consistently well executed as is everything on the album.

The title track is actually an orchestral outro. Brave move indeed! I hope the band continues this style without pushing into the Electro/Industrial territory they flirted with slightly here. Everyone would do well to learn the lessons on MORBID ANGEL when it comes to that. There is just enough here to be enjoyable but not enough to turn you off. Death Metal fans under rocks, crawl out and unite with NO RAZA!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. On the Verge of Dying Out
2. Ancient Wars
3. Reborn
4. Fratricide
5. Sail in Rot
6. Alteración Mental
7. Decontamination
8. Scorn
9. Atrición
10. En Carne y Hueso
11. Transcending Material Sins
Mike Spillane – Bass
Jairo Gómez – Drums
Juan Guillermo Cano – Vocals, Guitars
Juan Camilo Sanchez – Lead Guitar
Record Label: Noble Demon


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