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No Signs Of Life - Embrace Your Demons

No Signs Of Life
Embrace Your Demons
by Luke McIntosh at 04 February 2013, 4:31 PM

This album was confusing to say the least, at some points I felt like I was listening to some generic local Hardcore band and then at other times I heard some really cool vocal melodies and some pretty kick arse guitar riffs. “Embrace Your Demons” was half good half not so good, I think that NO SIGNS OF LIFE have good potential at releasing a really awesome album but I feel as though the ‘harsh’ vocals need to go. The clean vocals were great but the aggressive vocals were simply just bad and boring. The title track is what confused me the most, don’t get me wrong I love clean guitars accompanying clean vocals in Metal albums but I was convinced I was listening to Keith Urban for a moment there.

“Embrace Your Demons” is not a very consistent album as it feels very cramped style wise and there’s nothing special about it. I believe that they need to try and find their sound and refine on some things such as the harsh vocals and guitar work. The cheesy lyrics and song titles were also a bad contribution to how this album felt. I didn’t mind listening to “Embrace Your Demons” but I honestly can’t see myself listening to it again.

2 Star Rating

1. Ghost
2. Walls Melt Down
3. Nothing To Say
4. Enemies Of Choice
5. Behind The Scenes
6. SymPathetic
7. Embrace Your Demons
8. Meaning Of Life
9. The Wounds Of Nature
10. Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Antti Ström – Vocals
Elmeri Ström – Drums
Juuso Timonen – Bass
Tomi Kuronen - Guitars
Record Label: Mighty Music


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