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Noïtatalid – Furies in the Steppes from Russia

Furies in the Steppes from Russia
by Thomas Kumke at 07 October 2020, 5:35 PM

NOÏTATALID hailing from Ilyinsky Pogost, Russia were formed in 2018 by Andrei Tatalid who was joined by his brothers. They play a mix of Death Metal, Grindcore, and Thrash Metal. “Furies in the Steppes from Russia” is the debut album of NOÏTATALID. It was mixed and mastered by Valentin Carreau at Track Down Music, the recording studio of French label Music-Records. To pay homage to SLAYER, the total length of the album is with 28:12 minutes shorter than their masterpiece “Reign In Blood”.

NOÏTATALID keep it short on “Furies in the Steppes from Russia”. There are only two songs above 3 minutes. One of them “I Lie And Win” sets the tone of the album: a mix of Death Metal, Thrash Metal with a few Grindcore and Industrial elements. The rhythm is fast and aggressive, guitar riffs and chords are simple, the drums are mostly hammering blast beats, and the growling vocals are a bit distorted. Some of the fast sequences remind a bit on SLAYER’s “Reign In Blood”, I guess on purpose. “I Lie And Win” transitions smoothly into “Poker Game”, both songs differ only little from each other.

NOÏTATALID use breaks throughout to vary speed from mid-tempo to high-speed or vice versa. “Immortal Life” is one of the few songs that is kept mid-tempo throughout with catchy guitar riffs. “Snow, Lamb, Wolf” and “Fuck” are mainly highly paced with a few mid-tempo breaks. Notably, guitar solos or lead sequences are absent on the entire album. I feel that is a missed opportunity to freshen up the sound. Worth mentioning is the tremendous work of Aleksei Tatalid on the drums. The way he relentlessly hammers the drums, is one of the highlights on the album. Although the band has no official video release yet, the record label uploaded “Fuck” on YouTube and the link is given below.

With “Voiceless”, NOÏTATALID eventually do something different on their album: an instrumental. It is also with more than 4 minutes the longest song on the album. However, following the same song structure and sound, the instrumental is basically an accumulation of guitar riffs supported by bass and drums. With “Dead Man”, NOÏTATALID finish things off with speed and aggression. The song “Seppets” only provides an outro similarly to the intro “Steppes”.

Furies in the Steppes from Russia” is a mix of mainly Death and Thrash Metal. NOÏTATALID keep the sound very simple, there are no complex song structures and sound elements. The abstinence of any guitar solos or lead sequences limit the sound of NOÏTATALID. In addition, the vocals hardly vary. All that makes the sound of the album a bit monotonous. The production of “Furies in the Steppes from Russia” is less than average, the vocals and guitars sound very thin. However, I think it is a decent debut album and NOÏTATALID will have their share of fans.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Steppes
2. I Lie And Win
3. Poker Game
4. Jim
5. Immortal Life
6. Snow, Lamb, Wolf
7. Fuck
8. Kamikaze
9. White Buttock
10. Voiceless
11. Dead Man
12. Seppets
Andrei Tatalid – Vocals, Guitars
Aleksei Tatalid – Drums
Vitalid Tatalid – Bass
Record Label: Music-Records


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