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No Terror In The Bang – Eclosion Award winner

No Terror In The Bang
by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 08 May 2021, 3:40 PM

NO TERROR IN THE BANG is a Cinematic Metal band from Rouen, France created in March 2019. The band drew their name from a quote from the Alfred Hitchcock quoting about his movies & the calm before the storm, “there is no terror in the bang, only the anticipation of it.” “Eclosion” is the bands debut album & is said to bring the listener dreams & nightmares along with turbulence & frenzy.  The album has been released under M&O Music on March 5th 2021. It’s a banging album for a debut! The female fronted French band have been keeping the fans up to date on this release via social media platforms on Facebook & Instagram. The website has a short biography on the band and a small gallery of band pictures.

The album itself is quite a haunting album giving me chills as I listen. They have a very gothic feel to them, and this gives images of darkness and sombrous to the minds eye. Opening the album is a song titled “Saule Pleureur,” translated to English this means “weeping willow.” It’s a short piece that has a low flamed tempo to it giving way to some heavier material further into the album. “No More Helpful Peace (Part I)” is the first of 2 songs with 2 parts on the album. It’s quite a heavy song musically & vocally. I’m loving the bass in this song and the screamo sound of the singing by Alexis Damien, she has a very powerful voice and a banging scream, not to mention she can hold her screams for a good length of time.

21 Grams” is song number 6 on the debut album. It opens with a flurry of keys in a fleeting way with no real hint of any other instruments. It has no lyrics and is indeed only a brief 1 minute 3 seconds long instrumental. The next song is called “Poison” and it is quite a haunting song musically speaking. You can hear the guitars strum and the cadence of the song is a combination of soft & enlightened while having depth & creepiness to it, like the kind of music you would expect to hear if you were attending an abandoned fair ground in the middle of the night looking for ghosts. “Memory Of A Waif (Part I) & “Memory Of A Waif (Part II” is the other 2 part song on the album. Part 1 is a short piece again, the song is about taking pills, getting pills & questioning if they have to be taken or not. Part 2 is longer and more in depth with its lyrics. It’s a heavy song with lots of bass which is cool. Alexis does her great screamo again here, loving it!

Overall, I have enjoyed this album & would say it’s been a really good effort for a debut album although the French to English translations could do with a little work as sometimes it can be hard to follow grammatically. The screamo comes through amazingly and I have to say that Alexis’ vocals are on point. I will be looking forward to hearing more from the band in the future & to see how they grow. I have enjoyed the album & would recommend giving it a listen if you’re into the heavier & darker side of metal.

Songwriting; 8
Musicianship; 10
Memorability; 9
Production; 10

4 Star Rating

1. Saule Pleureur
2. Another Kind Of Violence
3. No More Helpful Peace (part I)
4. No More Helpful Peace (Part II)
5. Micromegas 16-12
6. 21 Grams
7. Poison
8. Insight
9. Uncanny
10. Preacher Of Steal
11. Memory Of A Waif (Part I)
12. Memory Of A Waif (Part II)
13. Broken Mind
Alexis Damien – Vocals
Sofia Bortoluzzi – Guitar
Etienne Cochin – Guitar
Brice Bouchard – Bass
Clement Bernard – Guitars
Romain Greffe – Keys
Record Label: M&O Music


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