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No Remorse No Retreat - Warbringer (CD)

No Remorse No Retreat
by Grigoris Chronis at 15 November 2009, 9:46 AM

NO REMORSE NO RETREAT's new album is already released; the mysterious 'battle' Metal band strikes again just one year after their To Glory We Ride debut (both on Iron Age Records). Don't know how many metalheads got hooked on the band's filthy metallic assault last tear and truth is there's not much of a chance the core fan base of NO REMORSE NO RETREAT will broaden or shrink anymore. Hence, you/we should not expect any major improvisations in this new effort.
NO REMORSE NO RETREAT is an extreme Metal band. By saying 'extreme' you should - in any way - imagine something in the Death/Black Metal plague or relevant stuff. The extremity in this outfit's music is that there's no border of conformity drawn, be it the musicmaking, the lyrics fields or the production. I could anyway copy/paste the review of the debut album's release and rest (in pieces…) but let's roll it once again:
The music is based on the grimy British Metal side; take e.g. MOTORHEAD, VENOM, TANK, WITCHFINDER GENERAL and WARFARE, extend to the likes of OMEN, or (even) EXORCIST, add a portion of Punk attitude, dress up a biker Rock sauce and shake well in a pool of mud.  In regards to the debut CD, Warbringer is more epic in the way that it has - its most, at least - mid or up pace songs with repetitive chords and some rather noisy bass lines; it also is more 'blackened', not to forget. The vocal harmonies(?) are more uncompromising, bringing figures like Lemmy, Cronos, Glenn Danzig or even some weird Electro/Industrial/Stoner amalgam you rarely can come across.
Warbringer is an old-school album but - this time - with a more care 'bout today approach (in its 'extreme' factor). Fans of Metal seeking for uncompromising bands building their music on a classic Metal basis will surely find enough interest in both NO REMORSE NO RETREAT releases. If I had to choose among them, I'd choose…both. The band's official website may lack enough information or some short of update(s), but NO REMORSE NO RETREAT is your kind of band if - let's say - you cannot stand even speaking of bands like EDGUY or HAMMERFALL or SONATA ARCTICA. A couple of things I'd wish for - even if they're not annoying, anyway - is to combine their vicious music with some more evil texts plus enough speed or - let's again say - diversity in the songs would be more than appreciated.

3 Star Rating

Will Of Iron
Fight Or Die
This Means War
We March
Heroes Never Die
Let The Battle Begin
War Age
When Tomorrow Comes
Record Label: Iron Age Records


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