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Noctem Aeternus - Landscape of Discord

Noctem Aeternus
Landscape of Discord
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 23 August 2020, 3:33 AM

NOCTEM AETERNUS is a one man, who shares the name,  black metal band from Argentina.  Their latest album, “Landscape of Discord,” is their second album but they also have an EP, released in 2015.  This album was released independently in 2019 but Naturmacht Productions has re-released this year. I missed on this last year but glad I’m able to hear it now—-this album is definitely worth of a re release because more people have to hear this.   “Landscape of Discord,” is an album that has its feet firmly planted in two worlds.  There is a raw power and feel to the searing black metal contained within the album’s nine tracks but the lush keyboards give it symphonic and melodic qualities.

The first track, “Invocation,” definitely makes the presence of the keyboards known.  Intros are very hit or miss for a lot of albums but this one hits the sweet spot of effectively introducing the album and going along with the general themes. As the last sounds of cold wind fade out, all hell breaks lose with “Those Who Shall Perish.”  The blackened riffs hang like electric static in the air while the keys just wash over it all.  This combination provides a cold and aloof atmosphere akin to traditional black metal but the layered atmosphere gives in an adventurous and mountainous feeling.

The album is at its most effective when the guitars and keys join as one, such as the last half of “Those Who Shall Perish.” “Obols In The River of Laments,” takes a more melancholic approach.  The raspy blackened vocals are higher pitched screams that just ooze emotions and the guitars take on a somber dance with the keyboards.  However, the fast paced and crisp drumming keep it from getting too depressive and provide a heavy back bone to hold up all the atmosphere.

The next track is “Necromancy,” and as the title would suggest, everything about this song gives off a foreboding and arcane tone.  The melodic guitar really accents and plays off the opening keyboards to help achieve these effects.  Likewise, the drums and vocals work together to lay down sinister aspirations. “The Wagons Of Heaven,” is permeated with almost jaunty keys that lend the song a sort of folk, story telling kind of vibe.  The first couple minutes of the song allow the keyboards to set up territory for the melodic guitars add even more soaring tones.  This particular track is a great example of how to symphonic black metal correctly.

The best track on the album is the ten minute epic, “Solstice In The Dark.”  Even more so than the previous tracks, I found this one to near perfectly balance raw black metal with symphonic elements.  I loved the movement between the 3:25 and 4:33—it is very moving and embedded with naturist qualities  that evoked elements of serene yet cold and dangerous landscapes.

NOCTEM AETERNUS’s “Landscape of Discord,” is an atmospheric heavy album that still retains the underground appeal and quality of black metal and I recommend for anyone who likes music with layers upon layers or that can provide thought provoking images conjured through music.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Invocation
2. Those Who Shall Perish
3. Coming Home, Twilight
4. Obols In The River of Laments
5. Necromancy
6. For Thoe Who Did Not Succeed
7. The Wagons of Heaven
8. Solstice In The Dark
9. Lux Arcana
Noctem Aeternus – All instruments and Vocals
Record Label: Naturmacht Productions


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