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Nocturnal Breed - The Whiskey Tapes Germany

Nocturnal Breed
The Whiskey Tapes Germany
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 07 July 2018, 7:13 AM

There are times when we don’t know if we can really take some bands seriously. It’s because some of them do things in a way that I only can think how they are lost between “rules” of how they could sound or create their songs. Let me tell you: to make a compilation of material is not an easy task, because fans always want more of them. The Norwegian quartet NOCTURNAL BREED is one of those bands that really do things in a way that we can’t understand. This release, “The Whiskey Tapes Germany” is not bad, but puts an interrogation in our heads: what are they trying to do?

They play a moldy and raw form of Black/Thrash Metal based on the German Thrash Metal giants from the 80’s, especially SODOM, in the period between “In the Sign of Evil” and “Persecution Mania”. Their albums aren’t showing anything new at all (but are good), but with this compilation of unreleased material, live shots, covers and demo versions, there are moments when they are sounding great, but there are others when things are truly nasty. Obviously it’s not enough for a deeper analysis, so telling the truth: a new album would be a better shot than this compilation. The sound quality is truly crude during all the songs, but there are moments when it fits in what they are doing, and on others it’s terrible. Of course that some strange feeling about “true Metal” permeates the album, but a remastering or a remix would be better, even being distant from the original recordings. But their instrumental tunes are very good, even with this nasty sound quality.

The songs: on their versions for other bands’ songs, everything goes fine, besides the recording quality could not be the best one, as you can hear on “Metal Church” (from the old idols from Seattle, METAL CHURCH), “I’m Alive” (an old W.A.S.P. song, and this version with some keyboards is amazing, with everything excellent, but the sound is terrible), “Evil Dead” (DEATH’s first hymn, and again, the sound quality is disgusting), “Under the Blade” (from TWISTED SISTER, that shows a better sonority), “Ballcrusher” (another W.A.S.P. song, but with a better sound quality), and “Metal Thrashing Mad” (a song from ANTHRAX first album, here presented with a crude sonority that fits on the band’s work). But when they play their own songs, there are some disparities. “Miss Misery” sounds great and is an excellent song with slower tempos; “Killernecro” is dirty, but with an aesthetics that allows us to understand what they are playing; “No Retreat… No Surrender” deserves a better sound quality than this one, and “Alcoholic Rites” is great as well (but this sound quality is something that is not right for their musical work).

The final idea I have: their music is really great, they are talented and have a good personality, but I hope that “The Whiskey Tapes Germany” can teach them an important lesson: to hire a good sound producer that can bring their musical work the right sound quality. Without making commercials from one or other, I think that Joel Grind (from TOXIC HOLOCAUST) could be a great help for them.

Originality: 6
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 4

3 Star Rating

1. Intro - Splinter-Day (Video Intro - Fields of Rot)
2. Metal Church (Prev. Unreleased)
3. I’m Alive (Org Keyboard Version) Prev. Unreleased 1997
4. Miss Misery (Prev. Unreleased)
5. Evil Dead (R.I.P. Evil Chuck Edit 2011)
6. Under the Blade (Alternate Mix)
7. Ballcusher (Raw Mix)
8. Metal Thrashing Mad (Experimental Mix)
9. Dead Dominions (The Hour of Death is at Hand - Short Edit)
10. Killernecro (Ubernecro Version)
11. Barbed Wire Death (Demo 1998) (Prev. Unreleased)
12. No Retreat… No Surrender (Speed Metal Legions Version)
13. Rape the Angels (Reh. Sept.1997)
14. Maggot Master (Experimental Studio Demo)
15. The Artillery Command (Alt Mix)
16. Alcoholic Rites (Experimental Studio Raw Mix)
S. A. Destroyer - Bass, Vocals
Axeman I. Maztor - Guitars
V. Fineideath - Guitars
Tex Terror - Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Folter Records


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