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Nocturnal Departure – Clandestine Theurgy

Nocturnal Departure
Clandestine Theurgy
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 01 February 2023, 6:30 AM

From Bandcamp, “Hailing from wintriest Canada, NOCTURNAL DEPARTURE were birthed from yellow moonlit darkness between Beltane and Lughnasadh of 2017 into a campaign of rejection and disgust for Christendom and the hypocritical norms of society. NOCTURNAL DEPARTURE redirect the psychomachia of the human condition through ritual and occultism, focusing it outwards as the moon gathers and reflects light from the sun, with raw and illuminating indifference.” The album has nine songs.

“Ceremonial Storm” is the first. It’s FWOBM influenced Black Metal. The production is high in treble and there is not much of a bottom end. The vocals are a combination of screams and gutturals, and the guitar work is lackadaisical. “Dark Spells of the Infernal Spirit” leaves no doubt that the band doesn’t intend on creating anything unique here…it sounds exactly like the previous song. “Unhallowed Theurgy” is more of the same. The screams take over the sound to the point that it is all you can really hear. Four songs in, and the album fails to establish itself from the thousands of others that are out there.

“Fetid Manifestations of Wretched Imagery” is, you guessed it, more of the same. The album might as well not even have any song titles, because the songs blur together with a glue that won’t fade. “Sacrificial Summon Under the Sign of Amdusias” has an interesting song title, but that’s about the only thing interesting about the song, save for some nice gutturals. “Sabbat Ablaze” is a faster and more aggressive song, with the drummer working overtime at first. But, it settles back to that familiar grove once again. “Flesh Torment” closes the album. It presents a slightly different sound at first, but the guitars are out of tune.

Songwriting: 2
Musicianship: 2
Memorability: 1
Production: 4

1 Star Rating

1. Ceremonial Storm
2. Dark Spells of the Infernal Spirit
3. Clandestine Theurgy
4. Unhallowed Exhumation
5. Triumphator of Unearthly Realms
6. Fetid Manifestations of Wretched Imagery
7. Sacrificial Summon Under the Sign of Amdusias
8. Sabbat Ablaze
9. Flesh Torment
Illartha – Bass
Kryptys – Drums
Funeror – Guitars, Vocals
Necrogeist – Guitars
Record Label: Hells Headbangers


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