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Nocturnal Graves - ...From The Bloodline Of Cain Award winner

Nocturnal Graves
...From The Bloodline Of Cain
by Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia at 21 October 2013, 10:43 PM

Some of the readers may say that I hate old school Metal bands, for this humble writer in great part of time “triturates their work for True Metal”, and it’s nothing like that. The main reason is that it’s no use to do again and again what was done in the past, for it always put Metal in the verge of collapse. Even the most fanatic Metal fan will like something new; it’s a need of us all. So, don’t get me wrong: I really don’t need another KREATOR, VENOM, BATHORY, and so on. And even doing old school music, you can breathe some new life on it, and become something more like you, not a zombie or clone. And to show what I’m saying, this quartet coming from Australia, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, really is astonishing with their new album, “…From the Bloodline of Cain”, a piece of Hell on Earth.

The band plays a hybrid of Old Thrash Metal from the 80’s with the adrenaline of fast Black Metal bands, so, it’s a harsh, furious and fast Thrash / Black Metal, and sometimes, it brings to mind something like a Thrash Metal ANGEL CORPSE, especially in terms of vocals.

With a clean and not an “I-wanted-to-be-born-in-the-80’s” sound production, their music really speaks aggressively to everyone, sounding clear and heavy (but a bit hollow), but you can listen all musical instruments as feel their abrasive music. The artwork is a fine one, again taking distance from the 80’s.

All songs of the album are excellent, but the highlights are the bulldozer attack called “Promethean War” (OMFG, pay attention to the drums, please!), the abrasive spear of “Slave Annihilation” (powerful and fast guitar riffs with excellent harsh vocals), the more mid tempo “Through the Devil’s Flesh”, and the wonderful “…From the Bloodline Of Cain” (with some changing tempos, from fast to more mid ones).

It’s a clear proof that you can make something excellent having an old school Metal basis. So hear it and be prepared to having your ears falling.

4 Star Rating

1. Promethean War
2. Slave Annihilation
3. The Conqueror's Flame
4. Ascension Through Lucifer's Might
5. Through the Devil's Flesh
6. Iron Command
7. The Great Adversary
8. …from the Bloodline of Cain
Nuclear Exterminator – Bass, vocals
Decaylust – Guitars
Shrapnel – Lead Guitars
L. Wilson – Drums
Record Label: Hells Headbangers Records


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