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Nocturnal Sorcery – The Holy Law in Total Ruin Award winner

Nocturnal Sorcery
The Holy Law in Total Ruin
by Ricardo Casagrande at 11 September 2022, 9:26 AM

This debut has been a long time coming for Finnish Black metal band NOCTURNAL SORCERY. Coming together in 2011 from members of two other Finnish bands, SADOKIST and DAEMONLUST. They released a demo in 2014 called Satanists Angels Victory Call and a split album with the aforementioned DAEMONLUST. In 2019 they put out a six-track demo titled Symbols of Violent Death. Now through KVLT Records, we have the first official full-length release by the band.

The album starts off with a nine-minute track that is a pure, no gimmicks Black metal track. The sound is a late 80’s dark and sombre wave of what set the genre in motion. Haunting vocals and chord progressions give way to blistering double bass and savage tempo that varies to capitalize on the tension and raw aggression that becomes exposed. Leading into the track “Blackhearted Angel’s Retribution” is a suitable and uncomplicated melodic riff overlaying a snare blast. The bloodcurdling screech of Maledictus is evil incarnate as he paints a dark picture over what could be otherwise thought of as a soothing melody of the guitars. The opening riff to the next track “Fatum Nostrum” is why I think this album is unique in its own right. Not following any rule or tainted by others opinion, simply played as the musician wishes it to be heard. Nothing overpowering, no wool being pulled over anyone's eyes, take it as you wish. Mind you the song does blast into a ritualistic Black metal demon that will come for your soul eventually.

“Thy Primordial Flame” is conquered with machine gun snare blasts that turns into a very catchy riff that is something that you can sing along to, which is something you don’t come across a lot of in new aged Black metal. A shrieking grunt closes off the track, which seems to be a signature sign off on the album. A great track. “Miracle of Empty Hand” is another blistering paced song that settles itself into a great riff for you to headbang to. A cool element to this track is the few times where it is the SEX PISTOLS meets Black metal and then morphs into a chunky riff. There are a few really great riffs in this one that all have their own feel to them, their own purpose within the song. A tough choice but a top track for me. Some drum and bass in a ritualistic sense closes off the album in the final track “The Last Ray of Ihuh’s Light”. I would have liked the album, or at least the last song to have more to it than an instrumental ending but all in all, I am happy with what I got.

I really enjoyed this one and would recommend people give it a try. Even if Black metal is not your cup of tea, I think it offers enough variety and musicianship for most to enjoy it also. If I did have to come up with something to cry about, it is that it could have been longer, or maybe one or two more songs. With three instrumental or voice overs it limits the album to just six tracks. The mixing and recording are done well as the album sounds good. Hopefully the band can receive some recognition for their work, and we can get some new material in the future.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Ro’iheyav Ro’ihey Mihole Rem’oyav / Mephistophelean Wine
2. Blackhearted Angel’s Retribution
3. Fatum Nostrum (Damnatio Memoriae)
4. The Holy Law in Total Ruin
5. Thy Primordial Flame
6. Through Boundaries of Time
7. Down the Valley of Damnation
8. Miracle of Empty Hand
9. The Last Ray of Ihuh’s Light
Maledictus Vult – Vocals, Guitars
Vorr – Guitars
Genius of Perversions – Guitars
Vermis Trismegistos – Bass
Epaluoma – Drums
Record Label: KVLT Records


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