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Nocturnal - Storming Evil

Storming Evil
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 02 March 2014, 2:18 AM

OH, NO, another 80’s wannabe???

NOCTURNAL is a good band, no doubt about it, but “Storming Evil” is an album that show what I always use to say: you don’t need to do something new at all, but you need to have a personality inside of you, to do things on your own. And the clear idea that Ol’ Big Daddy here has is that they went to “create” their music and record with some DESTRUCTION, SODOM and DESTRUCTION first albums under their arms.

The entire album is full of musical clichés we heard a lot throughout the years, and in a better form. Ok, the mold smell is not present here (thanks to the production for that), but their music lacks of personality. Has lots of energy, but to older headbangers like your ol’ Daddy here, it’s nothing more than a copy, and if we want to hear some 80’s stuff, it’s just to pick up some of ancient bands albums.

The sound production is good, and as said above, is the main reason for not turning the album moldy.

There are some fine songs, but the copying feeling is everywhere, in every music, and good songs as “Storm from the Graves”, “Preaching Death”, “Crushing the Bones”, and “Blessed Death” never achieve their full potential.

Guys, please, don’t take the wrong idea: I think the band is good, but they must fill themselves with personality, the very essential element that made great bands on the 80’s. They broke several rules, tried to build something different, and this is the heritage of that time.

So, hands at work, and please, come back in a better shape.

2 Star Rating

1. Storm from the Graves
2. Rising Demons
3. Tyrants of Damnation
4. Preaching Death
5. Perish in Darkness
6. Crushing Thebones
7. Taken by Fire
8. Ripping Knives
9. Blessed Death
10. Ruthless Darkness
Tyrannizer – Vocals
Avenger – Guitars
Vomitor – Bass
Skullsplitter – Drums
Record Label: High Roller Records


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