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Nocturnal - Violent Revenge (CD)

Violent Revenge
by Mike Novak at 27 August 2009, 11:12 AM

Do you like TOXIC HOLOCAUST? Then you'll like this new release from Germany's NOCTURNAL. They both play the same type of blackened Death Metal and overall they sound very similar.

NOCTURNAL was formed in 2000 and released their debut in 2004. Violent Revenge is now arriving five years later but several splits were released in the meantime to keep fans happy.

TOXIC HOLOCAUST really is a good comparison for this band because I cannot get over how similar they sound. The riffs are catchy, simplistic thrash riffs and the songs themselves are pretty straightforward. The vocals from the front-woman, who goes by the ridiculous name of Tyrannizer, are typical blackened Thrash vocals that sound pretty much the same throughout the album. There's barely any lead guitar at all.

Overall the songs are pretty catchy, but there's nothing here that's anything remarkable. The boring vocals detract from the experience, making it more monotonous. While the listener will most likely enjoy the album as it is playing, nothing will stay in the mind after it is finished and the less that is said about the lyrics, the better.

Overall, this is a decent, fun release but nothing outstanding. It certainly is not bad, but there is hardly anything that I would want to go back and listen to over again.

3 Star Rating

Atomic Warfare
Slaughter Command      
Death Is The Answer      
Beast Of Hades      
Dark Rat Eyes      
Swarm Of Insects      
Creation Of The Possessed      
Hells Forces
Tyrannizer - Vocals
Evil Avenger - Guitar
Vomitor - Bass
Hellbastard - Drums
Record Label: Displeased Records


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