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Nocturnal Breed - Fields Of Rot (CD)

Nocturnal Breed
Fields Of Rot
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 17 December 2007, 10:33 AM

Holy mother of Jesus! Those four words popped out of my mouth upon checking out some information about this band! When I saw the Agonia Records logo on the album, I thought that I had to do with one more classic Black Metal band, but NOCTURNAL BREED is definitely not the band you would expect from Agonia. Below, you will find some pretty interesting stuff regarding this band, such as its line up and the members that have played in here.

I don't know if I am so stupid that I didn't realize that musicians like DIMMU BORGIR's Silenoz, THE KOVENANT's Rick Hellraiser and DODHEIMSGARD's Thrawn have played in this band. Why haven't I discovered NOCTURNAL BREED a bit earlier? When these members were still playing? Anyway, at least Destroyer (ex-GEHENNA) is still here thrashing all around.

NOCTURNAL BREED is alive and kicking since 1996 and has already released numerous full-length albums, EP's, split CD's, demo CD's etc. The fact is that the band had to release a studio album since 2000, and I hope that they have some good stuff to present after 7 years of absence!

Fields Of Rot is an album full of Thrash/Black Metal extreme aggression (I hope KREATOR won't mind lending me these words). The ten compositions that are contained in the approximately 32 minutes of this album are full of relentless Thrash Metal with some blackened breaks here and there, which add a more dirty Rock & Roll feeling. While listening to Fields Of Rot, I found some moments that reminded me of bands like AURA NOIR and WITCHERY, something that surely sounds appealing to most of you out there. The production is not the best it could be, but let's not forget about that Rock & Roll feeling we were talking about.

The album is not bad, but it is also not the best this band could come out with. Fields Of Rot is suggested only to people that have this thing towards Thrash/Black Metal and have missed the times when AURA NOIR could tear the place apart with their merciless MOTORHEAD style blackened Thrash Metal. If you missed AURA NOIR, NOCTURNAL BREED can become a more than good substitute for you. Easy listeners and symphonic lovers, do not even think about listening to it. Your soft ears may bleed…

3 Star Rating

Wicked Vicious & Violent
Fields Of Rot
Too Damned To Conquer
In Sickness And In Hell
Invasion Of The Body-Thrashers
Iron Bitch
Code Of Conduct
The Dead
Scything Harrow
S. A. Destroyer - Vocals, Bass
B. Hellion - Guitar
A. E. Rattlehead - Guitar
Tex Terror - Drums
Record Label: Agonia Records


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