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Nocturnes Mist - Diabolical Baptism Award winner

Nocturnes Mist
Diabolical Baptism
by Angelis Beth Thorny at 24 November 2017, 3:41 PM

Well-grounded Australian desecrators NOCTURNES MIST return from a year long absence that seemed eternal. Having established a name in 1997  this band whose demonic seed has produced three full-length albums is back to blast with “Diabolical Baptism”. Occult and underrated, they embody Black Metal's TRVEST ancient spirit. Being one of Australia's most well Kept black secrets, NOCTURNES MIST are to be placed along renowned Australian Black Metallers, DESTRÖYER 666. Hellfire bursts, born from the flame. “Diabolical Baptism” has come to raise hell.

“Hammers Of Hatred” comes in crushing from the scratch. This song is a perfect dosage of blasphemous Extreme Black Metal, its methodically engineered the musical prowess displayed make this track the perfect entry to Satan's realm. Piercing guitar solos, drums relentlessness next to undeniable lyrical profundity brings back the dark satanic atmosphere of second wave Scandinavian Black Metal, as Fenriz would once say of Austral far lands, “Norway is like them but darker”.

“Shadow Of The Flame”, if I said I haven't perceived the primal influence of THE MYSTERIIS DOM SATHANAS by this time I've not listened close enough. The perfect dark ambience propped by keyboards cast the FUNERAL FOG of the days of old, sharp guitar riffs enhances the everlasting hammering of drums while Deceiver's necrotic voice summons for THE IMMORTALS, "the old ones are pleased".

“Upon The Beast Rode A Whore”: After the hard to dodge earlier sampling of THE DEVILS (1971) this song serves as a clear auditive depiction of its title an occult erotic lamentation of Sodom, poisonous and dark ominous sordid guitar riffing take you deep through the dark ages of our past. Its a scorned harlot upon the earth.

“Domina Noctus” is lustful. Being deep and mysterious, the song is a serenade to this lady of the night whose beauty entices and submerges you in depths of crimson steamy flesh. This is an absolute favorite!

There’s been some decent works in the Black Metal scene this year, having experienced “Diabolical Baptism” raw and loud has been incredibly evocative. The album is arcane and grim. It recounts the horrendous and most ominous acts of our past and modern-day times with ample comprehension of cinematic and artistic representation of Satan’s unholy mark. It never becomes dull or repetitive. you never anticipate when it’s over.

The band are altogether tight. The brutal blasting of drums with a classically sober use of the cymbals and shrill hi-hats made of this album a perfect example of Black Metal's well known rude technicality. The versatile and novel guitar riffing, creatively flattering solos reminded me of BLASPHEMER's visionary legacy. It could be said the guitarist alone adheres a distinctive gloom and wickedness to each track that along with Deceiver's implacable voice. It is atmospheric; delicate as mist keyboards and penetrating bass make of NOCTURNES MIST the not-so-new crushers of the holy trinity.

I would recommend “Diabolical Baptism” as any NM previous works to any Black Metaller fond on bands like TSJUDER, DARKTHRONE, MORK or 90's MAYHEM. Highly recommended!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Hammers Of Hatred
2. Tears Of Misery
3. Temple Of Malevolence
4. Barbs Of Sadism
5. Pale Face Cold Heart
6. Obscure Reaches
7. Upon The Beast Rode A Whore
8. Shadow Of The Flame
9. Domina Noctis
10. Ave Satani 
Deceiver – Vocals
Ominous – Guitar
Inferus – Guitar
Annunaki – Bass
Grotesquery – Keyboards
Zy – Drums
Record Label: Séance Records


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