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Noise Trail Immersion – Curia

Noise Trail Immersion
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 23 January 2022, 7:21 AM

 After the 2018 release "Symbology of Shelter", which culminated with total desperation and nihilistic chaos, NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION are back on the scene with "Curia", their most mature and spiritual record to date. Resuming from the pandemonium unleashed in the final part of the band's last record, the new album starts off from a zero point and sets the beginning of a totally different path: a path starting from absolute void and reaching, after a troubled journey, a sort of eerie and mystic cohesion with the Obscure. The album contains ten tracks.

“Riesistere – I” leads off the album. It begins with clean, harmonic guitars and some solemn and mysterious tones. As it moves along, it becomes more sad and slightly angrier, especially with the big drum strikes at the end. “Demiugo del non ritorno” picks up where the previous song left off, but segues into madness pretty quickly, with incensed vocals and dissonant guitars. The anger grows as the song moves along, ending in desolate clean tones. “Dimorare nella carne” is a beastly nine-minutes in length. Hate rages throughout the nihilistic track, while the rest of the instruments carry forth with a desperate quality. “Why hast thou forsaken me,” the subject please to the heavens in a cold dark room without even a ray of light over the past few months, years, decades.

“Vanente” begins with a slower grind of dissonant guitars, sickened vocals and some excellent drum work. Some clean tones mix in, but overall, the raging despair here reigns supreme. I feel dirty and worthless. “Riesistere – II” begins with clean, solemn guitar tones and more mysterious tones, continuing in the vein of the first part of this song. The tone of the guitars changes to more lively, but still melancholy offerings. A voice fades in from the darkness. Is it real, or your imagination? “Eclissi unanime” offers more black clouds to your view. Don’t even brush them aside and look for a clearing, because there simply isn’t one there. Death, decay, and disease are all that is there. The title track is a slow, building song of distorted guitars, thick bass work, and some great drum fills. The end is near.

“Coercizione” is a darker offering. As it builds, the tones get worse and worse, coupled with angry vocals and dissonant guitars. It slows as it moves forward, allowing the pain to really soak in. “Il grande confine” drags out those feelings of not being good enough with vile vocals and screechy guitars. “Riesistere – III” closes the album. It ends on notes of despair. You have weathered the storm, but are you the same person that came out of it before you went into it? Wandering alone, you really don’t even think about it, but you are forever changed.

Talk about nihilism…this album is chocked full of the “end of the world, I want to kill everyone and put a bullet in my brain, torture every human being on the earth, and I hope everyone dies a slow, painful death” qualities that is hard not to transfer this onto yourself. Warning—do not listen to this if you are already depressed, because it might put you into a deep slumber that you might never awake from.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Riesistere - I
2. Demiurgo del non ritorno
3. Dimorare nella carne
4. Vanente
5. Riesistere - II
6. Eclissi unanime
7. Curia
8. Coercizione
9. Il grande confine
10. Riesistere – III
Lorenzo Sirotto – Bass
Simone Crivello – Drums
Nebil Jabnoun – Guitars
Daniele Vergine – Guitars
Fabio Rapetti – Vocals
Record Label: I,Voidhanger Records


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