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Noituma - Tervahauta Award winner

by Laura Glover at 22 May 2020, 12:05 AM

Released on February 28, 2020, Folk/Pagan Metal album, "Tervahauta"; produced by NOITUMA, certainly makes its mark. This Finnish piece of scathing vocals and layered melodic and folk notes catches one's attention nicely. Wrought with emotional, melodic parts and many various levels of vocals, "Tervahauta" most definitely pleases the ears. Truly each song is different than the last and offers a variety to keep the mind intrigued on what might come next. This is a band with a very Pagan aesthetic, and notable attire thusly. I am especially partial to the song, "Vainajan tarina", which I will digress into details later in this article on that. I am so impressed with the folk parts of this album. It all makes for such beautiful and haunting melodies.

"Ruttoisen hautausmaa" - This son dives right in with very mixed vocals, from guttural to vampiric scream. While the musical notes take us on a ride from its first riffs to the violin in the middle of the song. The combination of the softness of the violin and the depth of the vocals very much give this song a folk flair. "Tervahauta" - Such a sweet, melodic intro. One you can close your eyes and float on the winds of sound, leading us into the full flush of heavy guitar riffs and that vampiric voice. With so many layers of vocals throughout this song really offers a multi-layered piece. So much depth and richness to the sound. "Isle of Ravens" - With more traditional sounding guitar notes at the beginning, this song also boasts the mixed vocals. I have not decided if it is two voices or one that is layered. They accompany each other well though. Towards the last half of the song melodic parts are interlaced with beautiful guitar notes.

"Vainajan tarina" - My favorite song by far on this album! This song is absolutely haunting with its violin throughout. Superbly played violin at that. Spoken vocals keep with its soft vibe. The lilt in this song is easily a tune you feel as an emotion. Like a warm sunny day, surrounded by dandelions and buzzing bees; the warmth of the sun that you soak into your skin. The flush of a first kiss. "Majakan neito" - Soft, yet powerful vocals set to the rise and fall of the waves of guitar notes; met with the occasional lilting tune of the violin. Folk metal at its best. Reminiscent of dark poetry echoing down an old castle hall.

"Tervahauta" is an album that promises to hold your attention throughout. Definitely worth the time to listen to. I really like the layers that NOITUMA added into this. Layers from the various tones musically, to the different sounding vocals. Each track is tailored to suit the emotion that song was trying to convey. Check it out!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Ruttoisten hautausmaa
2. Tervahauta
3. Majaken neito
4. Noitavasara
5. Isle of Ravens
6. Vainajan tarina
7. Hirttopuu
8. Kahakka
9. Meresta noussut
Vesa - Vocals, Jaw Harp
Antti - Guitar
Petri - Guitar
Onni - Bass
Jonas - Drums
Krista - Violin
Record Label: Independent


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