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NoN - III Award winner

by Kevin Lewis at 02 November 2020, 8:09 PM

NoN is an international band based in Sweden, but with members from France and the United States as well. Almost a supergroup, they bring together a wide array of style and genres to create a really big sound. Throw some hard rock and melodic metal in with a bit of album-oriented rock and the occasional bit of progressive, you get a succulent blend of awesome. Their third disc, aptly titled "III" was released independently on September 18, 2020.

The record starts with a minute-long intro that mostly just sets the stage for the epic, almost seven-minute-long “Two Worlds Away” to kick in. This song starts with a quick drum fill before hitting you right between the eyes with a seriously killer guitar riff. It’s crunchy and gritty and full of almost thrashy goodness. Then the song goes melodic and includes a conversation between two people about the oddities of heaven and valhalla. This song goes from melodic to heavy and back a number of times. I love a band that can pull that off.

“Woman In The Dark” is another scorcher from the get go. With some harsh vocals included, this is one of the few displays of that talent. Being used infrequently, it makes a significant impact. It fits the song. “Until We Say Goodbye” is the first song on the softer side overall. It is melodic and has a cool groove to it. At points, it reminds me of HINDER’s “Lips Of An Angel”. This is a radio friendly song that could be on any American rock radio station.

“Eyes Of A Child” is another slow burner, as is the album closer, “Afterlife”. Both rock hard, but tend towards that calmer end of the NoN brand. “Circle Of Pain”, “Point Of No Return” and “Another Story” are there to kick you in the face. The surprise song of the record… “Ordinary World”, a really good cover of the DURAN DURAN song. Having grown up in the era of DURAN DURAN’s popularity, this was a welcome remembrance. This was one of my “guilty pleasure” bands of the 80s, so hearing them updated for 2020 was good to hear.

This record spends more time in the heavier, melodic realm than the hard rock range, but it crosses back and forth with ease. Also impressive is the skill which they exhibit in both areas. This is not a bunch of newcomers learning on their first record. These are seasoned veterans that are putting their stamp on the music world. These songs are easy to listen to. You can put them on in the background and let the record play or blast it out and pay it your full attention.

The production is really good, the composition of the songs is engaging. The record is coherent and solid. Everything fits within the band’s limits. They push their boundaries, but not so far that they sound like they are trying to force it. I listened to this record over and over for almost a full week, averaging 4-5 listens a day to make sure I knew what this band is about. And I think I figured it out. They are that group of diverse individuals that fit well together and make beautiful music. I plan on enjoying this record for a long time to come.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Two Worlds Away
3. Woman in the Dark
4. Until We Say Goodbye
5. Circle of Pain
6. Eyes of a Child
7. Point of No Return
8. Another Story
9. Ordinary World
10. Another Chance
11. Afterlife
Steph Honde – Vocals
Claudio Nasuti – Bass
Fabian Ranzoni – Drums
Ricky Marx – Guitar
Record Label: Crusader Records


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