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Nonexist - In Praise of Death

In Praise of Death
by Jon Conant at 14 May 2018, 12:23 PM

Swedish death/thrash metallers NONEXIST are back with a second EP (they released a 4 track effort in 2016), this one being dubbed “In Praise of Death.” They haven’t released a full length since their 3rd effort “Throne of Scars” in 2015, so hopefully this new EP means we can expect another full length soon. However, as we know from the 10 year gap between their debut and second full length, we could be in for a wait. “In Praise of Death” will have to hold us over for now, but that’s okay because it’s totally fucking rad!

It’s pretty standard death thrash: a little proggy, a little heavy, a little melodic, and a lot of chaotic death mayhem in between. Opener “Cancerous Disembodiment” doesn’t waste much time establishing the nature of the EP, quick and precise guitar built on top of wild lead guitar riffs and those classic guttural vocals. However this song does also demonstrate the one flaw of the release: variety. The song is a little derivative and stale, it doesn’t do a whole lot to present new concepts or ideas. It’s really good, but it’s not going to win anyone over who’s not already vibing with the style. And that holds true for the bulk of the EP. That being said, at 1:39 this glorious groove-and-chunk riff kicks in that gives the song just enough ebb and flow to feel complete, it’s the second shortest of the 5 tracks we are presented on “In Praise of Death.” It’s a badass riff and segues perfectly into a solo with a dark and sinister vibe that matches the feel of the song flawlessly. It’s a great opener, taken for what it is.

Track two “A Meditation on Death” sees one of the more melodic sides of the band, complete with a bridge guitar solo that is absolutely wicked. Technically precise, melodic, shockingly beautiful with epic and soaring vibes, it demonstrates incredible variety and is a really strong solo and a complete song from start to finish. In terms of the entire EP, it gives us the most variety. The rest of the album follows suit, scattered with chaotic guitar and chock full of epic solos. The template does get old by the end of the closer “Reduced to Ash,” but that is okay and works perfectly for a short EP like this. There’s a lot of fun to be had, and it’s done so in a concise but satisfying manner.

If you’re a fan of NONEXIST’s brand of death metal, there is a lot in this EP to love. I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Cancerous Disembodiment
2. A Meditation upon Death
3. Dead Black Embrace
4. Bloody Carnal Sorcery
5. Reduced to Ash
Johan Reinholdz - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Johan Aldgård - Guitar
Linus Abrahamson - Bass
Joakim Strandberg Nilsson - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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