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Nordic Frost - Nordic Frost

Nordic Frost
Nordic Frost
by Christian van Millingen at 21 August 2015, 5:47 PM

On a first impression, this just seems like it is just one hell of a standard, underproduced and underground Black Metal album, like others, trying to look Satanic with a huge pentagram as their album cover. Well….. it might have been, but the sound is just… very distinct. The mix has either been on purpose weakened with the guitar sound, because it sounds as if it should have been louder, or this is one very well produced contemporary album.

In this case, the album can be judged by its cover. It is indeed Black Metal, and indeed, very underground. In my attempt to find the missing album cover photo for this promo, all I could find, on the second page of Google, was a Facebook page. The band has a small group of fans, and the page itself has, as expected, much self-promotion.  The only like the page has given is to one page of some California-based punk band, of which I could only suspect the members to be a part of.
But to continue, the music was actually not bad. The self-stigmatised Blackened Death Metal band has a surprising warm intro at the first song. This warm, yet very clean sound on the first track was confusing, yet beautiful. The guitars seemed to have been altered to contain less distortion, yet it remains brutally raw.  This beauty remains within the quite the same, yet not boring second song. The third and fourth have the same ambiance, and the lyrics, mostly quite well-written, are being spewed to the listener by the multi-talented Brjánn, whose voice sometimes reminds me of Shagrath of DIMMU BORGIR.

The biggest surprise for me came in the last song. The most progressive song on the album has to me, been the most pleasurable to listen to. The calm intro made a soothingly sweet, Dark Ambient way back into the Black Metal parts of the song. It is a well composed musical piece, and it should be known that this level of beauty should be seen more. This one song is the cherry on the ice, making the whole album a quite good, well composed piece, consisting of four very heavy pieces and one progressive, yet heavy piece a worthy opponent in the Black Metal scene. If only they had more fans to keep this work up, they would prevail.

So check them out, it is worth it. I really liked it, but due to my personal feeling the the guitar mixing could have prevailed on higher levels, makes it worthy of a brutal 7 out of 10. Keep up the good work!

3 Star Rating

1. An Offering Ov Flesh
2. The Old Covenant
3. Atonement Oc Sheep
4. An Aversion to Leper Flesh
5. A Saviour’s Respite
Brjánn - Vox, Guitars, Keys
Kjell - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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