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Nordjevel – Gnavhòl

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 07 October 2022, 6:47 AM

From Bandcamp, “Conceptually, NORDJEVEL evolves further and ventures into even more sinister territories. “Gnavhòl” is driven by war, destruction and hellish esoteric beliefs, they have created an album that is even darker and more brutal than their previous releases. “Gnavhòl” is darker, more dynamic and technically on another level than before. This is how we want to sound.” The album contains ten songs.

“I Djevelens Skygge” is the first. From the opening tones, the album is indeed darker and more technical. During the early verses, the sound bubbles up with a steady riff and blast beat drumming, and then slaughters with sound later. The attack is relentless. “Of Rats and Men” features both a similar sound and pace, picking up right where the last song left off. It’s only the second track, and the demand on the drummer is high…how his arms and legs don’t fall off could mean he is part cyborg. “Satans Manifest” is another song with a heavy buzz from the drums and guitars. Three tracks in, and the sound is very similar from song to song.

“Within the Eyes” hears the chaos continue. The band is going for broke with these compositions, and straight for the throat. However, the song sound too similar. Their technical prowess is noteworthy, however. The title track is the first that offers some variation. Slow, horrid sounds open the song, with screams and torture in the background. This song breathes a little more, and offers some varied pacing as well. The harrowing elements rise like the lick of flames in a fire. “Antichrist Flesh” has a similar pace to the other songs but a bit of a different sound. The subdued riffs creep around you slowly, gathering steam for their onslaught.

“Spores of Gnosis” begins with clean guitars and some ambiance. Things are finally slowed a bit. But, it doesn’t last long, as a thick and punishing sound ensues. That familiar “one-two” step sound in the riff tells you this is Black Metal. “Gnawing of Bones” is a shorter song with increased fury. Peel back each layer, and you will discover the bulky and compact notes are tightly woven on top of one another.

“Endritual” is the longest song on the album, at just under ten-minutes. The sounds slowly develops into a swamp of overgrown vines and rising water levels, thickened mists and more and more sets of glowing red eyes. The pace quickens until the entire landscape is covered in creepy and crawly things. “Twisted Psychosis” closes the album, another absolute scorcher. This was a brutal and punishing slab of Black Metal that attacked from start to finish, with very little breathing room. The band are very tight technicians, never missing a beat, and hitting accents with deadly accuracy. However, too many of the songs sound similar. In the band’s quest to make an uncompromising album, they left variation by the side a bit too much. This album was good, but could have been better if they concentrated more on that aspect.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 5
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. I Djevelens Skygge
2. Of Rats and Men
3. Satans Manifest
4. Within the Eyes
5. Gnavhòl
6. Antichrist Flesh
7. Spores of Gnosis
8. Gnawing the Bones
9. Endritual
10. Twisted Psychosis
DezeptiCunt – Bass
Doedsadmiral – Vocals
Dominator – Drums
Destructhor – Guitars
Record Label: Indie Recordings


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