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Nordor - Honoris Causa: TIMHS ENEKEN (CD)

Honoris Causa: TIMHS ENEKEN
by Nikos Nezeritis at 29 September 2008, 5:09 PM

Greece has a rather good tradition with extreme Metal bands, some of which have fortunately been able to make a big international career and seal the genre with their sound. NORDOR certainly belong to the extreme genre and their story goes back to 1989!!!! Moreover, not only are they an extreme band,but I deem the term extreme is too mild to describe one of the most relentless, blasphemic blast you'd ever hope to listen to.
Their death/grind blended with a dangerous overdose of speed sound is a fucking kick in the head until your ears bleed. Everything here shows grave symptoms of a maybe undefined me(n)tal sickness.The vocals are so brutal and distorted and the way in which they spit their ancient Summerian and Greek verses from Necronomicon might as well make you piss your breeches. The drumming is both technical and groovy and as for the guitar work…well, the things are getting seriously perilous here. The psychopath, NORDOR's mainman, Mr. False Prophet apart from looking quite like Kerry King he is as sharp a riffman as the master himself. As for the solos…well, they are an obvious sign of a nonlinear personality and only three words can describe them: sick,sick,sick.
As for the songwriting, the level is high and depicts perfectly the anarchic, luciferian spirit of the band. These people sweetly rape every speck of music structure and spit venom with every note they carefully choose to play. Quite remarkable is also the spiritual character of their music,which is what DEAD CAN DANCE would play if they'd grab some standard rock instruments. And you know what? I don't know if the dead can dance, but I'm sure that even the dead themselves would headbang over Honoris Causa.
With Blasphemy And Respect…

4 Star Rating

Î'bsorption - Î'πορρόφησις  
The Invocation Of The 4 Gates - Η Επίκληση Των 4 Πυλών
Εqualization Of Powers - Εξίσωση Îυνάμεων
Walking On The Circumference Of The Circle - Περπατώντας Στην Περιφέρεια Του Κύκλου
The Inevitable Unexpected - Το Î'ναπόφευκτα Î'ναπάντεχο
The Book Of The Invocation - Το Î'ιβλίο Της Επίκλησης
For The Love - Για Την Î'γάπη
Maskim Xul - Μάσκιμ Ξουλ
Condemned To Be Acquainted With - Καταδικασμένος Να Ξέρει
The Spirit Of The Possession - Το Κατέχον Πνεύμα
For The Strength - Για Την Îύναμη
The Exorcism Of Ia Andu Eni- O Εξορκισμός Του Ια Î'ντου Ενι
The Gods Neglect - Οι Θεοί Ξεχνούν
Seven They Are - Είναι Επτά
Affliction For Those Who Left Us Alone - Θλίψη Για Î'υτούς Που Μας Άφησαν Μόνους
Purification - Εξαγνισμός
Offering To The Uncumbers - Προσφορά Στους Î'χαλιναγώγητους
False Prophet - Guitars
The Antipope - Bass
Lordwinter - Vocals
Snake - Drums
Record Label: Under The Sign Of Garazel Productions


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