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Norse - Pest

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 04 May 2014, 11:53 PM

Sometimes, bands really astonish us as with a music labeled as a thing that, in a deeper sense of the label, doesn’t make justice to the music we hear. And in the case of NORSE, a band coming from Australia, this is a true, for their new EP, “Pest”, couldn’t be labeled simply as Blackened Death Metal.

Of course they extreme Metal, is far experimental than the greater part of the bands of the style, using a mix of harsh voices, experimental guitar riffs (with some Progressive Metal approach), bass (with and oiled sound, like the ones from some Doom Metal bands) and drums in a technical form, so it’s not simply Blackened Death Metal, but Experimental Blackened Death Metal (BLAZES, I created a new subdivision in Metal! Shame on me for this!). Sometimes it can remind something VED BUENS ENDE used to play on the 90’s, but more aggressive and hard.

The sound production is in a good level, revealing all details of the band’s music, but is harsh like some Black Metal bands use to be, but it’s not bad at all.

Let your Ol’ Big Daddy here share an advice: it’s not a trivial band, nor a trivial kind of music, so it demands more listening than the usual to understand the NORSE’s music, but when you get the idea, you’ll love it.

“Encoded Weakness”, the experimental “Disarmed. Toothless. Weak”   and the harsh and brute “Irradiator” can give the listener the clear idea of what kind of stuff he or she is dealing with, so be aware to hear it calmly and with no conceptions in mind.

A fine EP, indeed, so hear and buy it.

4 Star Rating

1. Encoded Weakness
2. Disarmed. Toothless. Weak
3. Pest
4. Irradiator
5. True Insignifigance
6. Aimless
Treelo Herrington – Guitars, Vocals
Frog – Drums
Marcus “Wes” Bastiaanse – Bass (session)
Shayne Querruel – Rhythm Guitars (session)
Record Label: Independent


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