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Northern Oak - Of Roots and Flesh

Northern Oak
Of Roots and Flesh
by Adam Clarke at 07 October 2014, 5:08 PM

Now if you said to me the words Progressive Folk Metal to me a couple of days ago, I would have called you a fucking idiot. If you said those words to me today, I would call you a fucking genius. This is new to me, imagine if Lord Of The Rings had sex with the Devil, and I think this is something you would get. Either way, I absolutely loved it.

At first I was sceptical. I did some research at first into this band and observed that they love their flutes to take part in their songs. I wasn’t sure how it would pay off to be honest, I thought it would weaken the sound and make it seem flat and childish, yet it does the complete opposite. It sound epic, heavy, beautiful (especially in the more calm sections of the album) and an all round perfect fit for the genre. The vocals are very similar to the ones of Protecter/Silenius of the Black Metal band, SUMMONING. Airy high pitched screams populate the album, giving the record a mystical sense, almost as if you are on a journey through a foggy forest.

There are many variations of pace, volume levels and song length to keep you interested throughout the album, which is a problem I find with many records to date. I can’t stand ones where I can’t tell if the songs are on repeat or not, but this time round, I’m completely satisfied. There are fast riffs, heavy breakdown style sections, soft melodies, everything I could ask for. My personal favourite song on the album is “Marston Moor”, a perfect example of everything I’ve just said, especially about two and a half minutes in where it kicks into an epic clusterfuck of metal.

I love it when I’m thrown into a new genre, there’s something thrilling about the whole experience, and this is a great album if you’re looking to start listening to Progressive Folk Metal

4 Star Rating

1. The Dark Of Midsummer
2. Marston Moor
3. Gaia
4. Nerthus
5. Isle of Mists
6. Taken
7. Requiescant In Pace
8. The Gallows Tree
9. Of Roots And Flesh
10. Only Our Names Will Remain
11. Outro
Chris - Guitars
Digby - Keyboards/Violin
Catie - Flutes/Recorder
Rich - Bass
Wib - Drums
Martin - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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