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Norway - Rising Up From The Ashes (CD)

Rising Up From The Ashes
by Grigoris Chronis at 06 February 2007, 8:53 AM

I was curious enough to find out what the album's title is all about. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, maybe? Nope. NORWAY - some of you may recall the name - do rise up again, and Rising Up From The Ashes acts like a teaser for what happened to this band since 1997 (at first) and 2001 (later on). Ah, not to forget: the band isn't Norwegian at all. New Jersey, you see…
The NORWAY spirit shines since 1986(!), even if the first deeds by this interesting quartet - now featuring only guitarist Jim Santos from the original lineup - came on during 1997's Nigh Dreams; a fine 'indie' debut of notable Melodic/Hard Rock music. Still, more was yet to come with 2000's Arrival, an AOR 'diamond' release receiving rave reviews in both sides of the Ocean. And then…silence. Moving on to 2007 - seven whole years later - it's obvious what the album's title stands for.
In a few words (since the CD is likely to be of interest for a really small portion of Metal fans): Nine tunes of American melodic Rock, suitable for your needs in the JOURNEY/BON JOVI/FIREHOUSE/PROPHET vein, is included in this  - overall - good effort. Haunted and Only One I Need are really cool ballads, while Tell Me and Power Of Gold see a real rockin' vibe. The vocals of Dave Baldwin are amazing: warm here, passionate there, rockin' everywhere. Some fine 80s-spirited guitar work is seen in most cuts, while the production could be better for the band's motive.
The difference of Norway from countless other up-to-date Melodic rock bands is that the guys play the music they like the way it was played back then when they were young men. Rising Up From The Ashes has already placed itself in the 'first AOR purchase of the year' position. A good one, really…

3 Star Rating

Save Me
Anything At All
Only One I Need
American Girl
The Power Of Gold
Since You've Been Gone
Tell Me (Is That The Way That It Is)
Won't Let You Down
Dave Baldwin - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Jim Santos - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Marty Brasington - Drums, Percussion
Joe Slattery - Bass, Vocals
Record Label: MTM Music


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