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Nostalgie Depression – November Moon

Nostalgie Depression
November Moon
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 29 October 2014, 7:18 PM

Black Metal sometimes seems to be an extreme, volatile, and mutant subgenre of Metal, due its capacity of renovation, to be a strong and solid basis for personal experimentalisms. Of course, sometimes some guys prefer to stay on safer shores, evading innovations. But some bands take the style, limitations, and blow some conceptions, but staying deeply rooted to it. From Santiago de Chile, here in South America, comes a good surprise, called NOSTALGIE DEPRESSION with their new release, the album “November Moon”.

This duo creates a darkened and harsh way of Depressive Black Metal, but aggressive as well. It’s extremely morbid, with harsh voices and grunts seeming to come from a deep and cold cavern, strong riffs and heavy rhythmic kitchen. Not so worked, but good enough.

The production is poor and extremely raw, but a great part of the works done in Depressive Black Metal are recorded in this way, so we must get ourselves used to it. However, it’s not so raw that we cannot understand what they are playing or the music they create.

Their best moments: the long and introspective “November Moon” (but as harsh and aggressive as well, and extremely melancholic, with very good riffs made in the vein of old MAYHEM, and some good vocal variations), the darkened funeral called “Kingdom of Sorrow” (again very good vocals, worked in an extremely harsh way, with some female vocals appearing here and there), and the suicide invitation named “Broken Memories of Nostalgie” (a deeper and darkened sense of melancholy arose in this song, creating morbid visions of life to some). But the entire album is good, both on longest or shorter songs.

Ol’ Big Daddy here, liked it a lot, but personally I do not recommend this album to people with somber thoughts about their own lives. But as well, to end it due to music is something that have no sense at all.

Very, very good.

4 Star Rating

1. Moon, Frozen Blood and Black Feelings
2. November Moon
3. The Darkest Domain
4. Kingdom of Sorrow
5. Necromysist
6. Blood Baptism
7. Broken Memories of Nostalgie
8. Lord of the Darkness
9. Broken Memories of Nostalgia
Sammael Lloyd – Vocals
Adramelejch – All instruments
Record Label: Depressive Illusions Records


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