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Not Fragile - Shout To The Master

Not Fragile
Shout To The Master
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 05 September 2013, 10:23 AM

The subgenre of Speed Metal at its truest of forms, like a relic buried six feet under never to be seen or long forgotten, deprived of life. Throughout the 80s, especially in the middle point of the decade, Speed Metal became obvious and quite popular, rapidly merging with Thrash or Power Metal. Back in the day the genre flourished quite well establishing impeccable foundations of bands such as premature TYRAN’S PACE, HELLOWEEN, RAGE, RUNNING WILD, early BLIND GUARDIAN and a bit later GAMMA RAY. Though beginning its break through elevation rather later through the 90s, NOT FRAGILE, it has been driven by the same Metal elements that roughed and energized their aforementioned country peers. Not too sure if their career’s lifespan was full or they had a shakedown a reformed again, but it doesn’t matter. NOT FRAGILE, in comparison to their peers, now giants, preserved the old ways, the traditional Speed Metal bullets, firing full spread 80s attack, sinking their teeth in the present’s ass and not letting go. “Shout To The Master”, via Hellion Records, was released after a bit of a studio dry season for the Germans, yet it brought back memories of the now ancient flame.

Generally, along with NOT FRAGILE’s Speed Metal dedication and utter determination, “Shout To The Master”, may it be forceful racing chase assembled with cracking intense riffery, amazingly motivated Germanic melodic passion and recalls a partial vision of the band’s earlier past ventures, is still isn’t a picture of pure greatness. It defies everything that has been manufacturing modern Metal, which is perfectly fine, but it also found a decent way to replicate itself and through several tracks like on “Lost Behind the Stars”, “I Don't Want to Lie 4 You” and “Zombie Dance” as the best suited examples, it became considerably banal and continual, losing its topmost of interest rather quick. Likewise, the soaring Torsten Buczko, NOT FRAGILE’s constant forerunner at the vocals, may conceivably have a few common voice essentials of Kai Hansen (without the high register aptitudes), apparently doesn’t have enough of a commanding magnitude to make an extensive impact on the songs as a frontman. On the other hand, gratefully the work on his vocal production tied him up a notch, instigating the much needed depth and edge.

All the same, as I described earlier, “Shout To The Master” is measured as a conservancy process of the old methods of producing Speed Metal music, nearly a dying art. Sure that this album has its shortcomings, but it also is an enough reminder of how German Metal once sounded back in the late 80s. The monumental “Human Revolution”, where NOT FRAGILE go against modern times, wishing to maintain an old dominance slowly subsiding. Actually this one staggered me quite a lot. The band ignited a Teutonic anthem filled with melodic licks and harmonics, crushing riffs of old, impeccable vocal demonstration and rather diverse drumming. “Thunderbolt Man” nailing with its venerable ACCEPT tempered hoarseness of the past, reminded me “Monster Man” for some reason, thunders hard with a near Thrash accommodating main riff, piercing with a straightforward chorus, punching through without mercy. “Shout To The Master” and “Years On The Run” are two Speed Metal obsessed remnants, grandstanding brilliant recollections of the sweltering catchiness of past Metal gems, which weren’t forgotten by yours truly by any chance. Musically, these duo of tracks are the right way to manifold such a Metal direction, fast paced assault, heavily riff bombastic and on the prowl with a melodic intent. Not too sure that these guys were on the run, yet after a long time, “Shout To The Master” is a dreamy access to a true form of the old German Speed Metal glittering dreadnought.      

3 Star Rating

1. Years On The Run
2. Shout To The Master
3. Lost Behind the Stars
4. Unleash the Dragon
5. Thunderbolt Man
6. I Don't Want to Lie 4 You
7. Human Revolution
8. Ready To Sacrifice
9. Princess Of The Kingdom
10. Into The Madhouse
11. Zombie Dance
12. Stand Up and Fight (Exciter Cover)
Torsten Buczko – Guitars / Vocals
Didy Mackel - Bass
Marc Trinkhaus - Guitars
Michael Link - Drums
Record Label: Hellion Records


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