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Not To Save One's Life - Connection

Not To Save One's Life
by Tom Colyer at 16 July 2014, 12:01 PM

There are some bands that stand out from the crowd, breaking all boundaries and paradigms of a genre to create something so beautifully new and original that it makes people question their ability to label and categorise everything.  There are some bands that wave their obscenely talented appendages in your face with such perfection and God-like precision that most musicians end up just wanting to give it all up and start a career in the fast food industry.

Then there are the rest of us.

The vast majority of bands out there are neither ground-breaking nor jaw-dropping, but they manage to get by and become pretty damn good at what they do (even if what they do isn't very nice).  Not To Save One's Life (NTS1L) fall fairly well into this category with a sound that doesn't exactly get the Metal glands dribbling little obsidian beads of furious joy but neither does it induce an intense pain located around the ears and brain.  If you're going to label (and let's face it, we all do it) then the closest I can fathom really would be something along the lines of Metalcore, which isn't really a valid label anyway.

The debut album “Connection” is being released via Kreative Klan, a label that specialise in getting promising new Metal bands out there and in front of an excited audience.

Musically, it has all the qualities of an enjoyable and tuneful brick to the head(in a good way). There is some beautiful guitar work through this relatively short E.P and the solos and lead lines are complimented very well by the driving rhythm guitar that punches through each song and keeps a reliable sense of linearity that is almost welcoming in this crazy and confusing age of Tech-music.  Surprisingly, one of the most prominent instruments on the E.P is the bass. With an incredibly crunchy, deep tone it punches its way through the mix with almost crystal clarity and maintains a dark pulse that could easily be the heartbeat behind the music.

The vocals start out a little shaky and about halfway through the first track it starts to feel like this may be a very good band that are going to be let down by the vocals as so many before them have been.  Fortunately, this is not the case and by the time “I, The Realist” is in full swing it has become rather apparent that Sippu just needed a little warm up and maybe a cup of tea before he could get the party really going.
It will be very interesting to see what these guys can do with a full album and more studio time as this has the overall feeling of a diamond in the rough, it was recorded in one week after all.  I guess my only concern would be that they might run out of ideas and the album could start to sound a little repetitive, this is already close to the truth with some of the guitar work on the songs.

Far from a wholly negative experience however, this is clearly a band of talented musicians that have a lot of potential between them.  I am looking forward to seeing what they produce in the future and hopefully getting to catch them live at some point to taste the energy they have in the flesh.

3 Star Rating

1. Connection
2. I, The Realist
3. Idle State
4. For What It's Worth
Sebastian ‘Basti’ Wieser - Guitar
Dimitry ‘Timmy’ Sima - Guitar
Sebastian’ Sippu’ Platzer - Vocals
Matthias ‘Matti’ Rohringer - Drums
Philipp ‘Witschi’ Winter – Bass, Vocals
Record Label: Kreative Klan


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