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Nothing Lies Beyond - Fragile Reality

Nothing Lies Beyond
Fragile Reality
by Miky Ruta at 01 February 2017, 9:52 AM

Hailing from Tel-Aviv, Israel, melodic death metal outfit NOTHING LEFT BEYOND formed in 2011. Soon after their inception the band recorded a demo, “Fading Beyond False Eyes”, and hit the local circuit, playing small club shows which eventually led the band to appearances on bills with the likes of SALEM, DARK TRANQUILLITY, and CHILDREN OF BODOM.

Their debut album entitled “Fragile Reality” was recorded at AG studio in Israel, and released on July 22nd, 2016.

The product is a Melodic Death / New Metal work, with soft melodies mixed to fast drums, epic guitar riffs, and pressing drums.

 “Fragile Reality” starts with an atmospheric intro “Redemption” a soft mix of synth sounds. With “Closed In Chains” we encounter an easy going new metal melodic song, which mixes high pitch screams to lower growls, and mellow guitar riffs.

“Lost” gets our attention by starting at full on speed with relentless drumming, and fast guitars. It then slows down to get to a slightly expectable style of song composition and then adds a decent solo. In it’s fast parts it’s a very fun tune.

“Another Place” introduces a slightly different tone of guitar, which is refreshing in this album that doesn’t present much variety in rhythms and composition.

The record continues with three songs that, frankly, to me sound exactly the same, and sadly, here is where I lose interest in “Fragile Reality”.

“Visions” gives us a bit of upbeat with a faster mood, an enjoyable chorus and screaming growls interlacing with one another. The guitar riffing also is entertaining and keeps the listener pumped up.

 “Fragile Reality” is an album that has the production of great recordings, with musicianship of high level, however it lacks novelty and it misses a hook fundamental to grab the new listener’s attention as it keeps repeating over and over the same pattern of song construction.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 10

3 Star Rating

1. Redemption
2. Closed In Chains
3. Lost
4. Another Place
5. Never Back Down
6. Fading Behind False Eyes
7. Final Fight
8. Visions
9. We Are The Revolution
Ido Asa - Vocals
Alon Gani - Bass
Tal Perets Singer - Guitars
Danny Mishkit - Guitars
Ariel Lior - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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