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Nothing More - Nothing More Award winner

Nothing More
Nothing More
by Deaddie McConnaughy at 26 June 2014, 2:38 AM

NOTHING MORE is a band hailing from San Antonio. Their latest album is self-titled. Their sound is quite catchy. They have a groovy rhythm that they adhere to for most of the album, but they are not afraid to step up the heavy when it is necessary. One thing that stands out is the Cyber / Industrial edge that these guys use. The combination sets it up for a unique and awesome sound.

The album starts off a little slow and with a lot of electronic sounds, setting the flow for the rest of the album. These guys didn't hold back at all. They have quicker heavier songs, as well as slower more ambient sounds, that they mingle together in a perfect faction. There are no harsh vocals, all clean, and that suits just fine for the style of music that they do.

I can compare these guys to NONPOINTLINKIN PARK, ADEMA….so on and so forth. Now I say that not to say that they sound exactly like those bands, but just a general comparison.

There is alot of energy in the music overall. It will definitely keep you bobbing your head. It's nothing super heavy, but why does that matter? The melody of the music is great, and the flow of the album is superb. The music is technical as well, and to see bands that can use that technicality and make it flow smoothly is inspirational (as a musician anyways).

So overall, they have a very modern polished sound. My personal tastes are not typically this mainstream, but phuk that good music is good music, and these guys rock.


4 Star Rating

1. Ocean Floor
2. This is the Time (Ballast)
3. Christ Copyright
4. Mr. Tv
5. First Punch
6. Gyre
7. The Matthew Effect
8. I'll Be Ok
9. Here's to the Heartache
10. If I Were
11. Friendly Fire
12. Sex and Lies
13. Jenny
14. God Went North
14. Pyre
Jonny Hawkins - Lead Vocals, Aux Drums
Daniel Oliver - Bass, Backup Vox
Mark Vollelunga - Guitar, Backup Vox
Paul OBrien – Drums
Record Label: Eleven Seven Music


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