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Nothing Remains - Beyond Spheres Of Humanity

Nothing Remains
Beyond Spheres Of Humanity
by Tim Bolitho-Jones at 20 January 2015, 5:35 AM

Now this is a frustrating listen. French Deathcore outfit NOTHING REMAINS have one of the more striking opening tracks in recent memory. Just over ninety seconds long, the appropriately named “Intro,” is an impressive instrumental opener; a sinister music box chime, ominous piano chords and restrained-but-effective guitar work all working together to make an instant attention-grabber. It’s the kind of track that sends shivers down the spine, an excellent set-up for the first song-proper and is both terrifying and inviting at the same time.

And unfortunately, this is the only music with any character to be found on “Beyond Spheres Of Humanity”. As “Last Breath” unfolds, the carefully layered atmosphere is smashed into pieces by Neolithic bludgeoning. It is loud, aggressive and heavy, but also completely generic and lacking anything to distinguish it from a hundred other Deathcore bands languishing in the underground. Hell, there’s probably a bunch of guys playing in your local scene that sound exactly the same as them.

That isn’t to say the EP is devoid of merit. A few interesting flourishes crop up in the guitar riffs and the closing moments of “Carpe Diem” go some way towards clawing a bit of interest back in, but there’s little else to recommend here. The songs aren’t especially bad, they’re just too much on the derivative side. The vocals especially are flat and unremarkable and you can spot the breakdowns coming a mile off.

The good news is that NOTHING REMAINS are still in the early stages of life as a band. Releasing something a bit naff at the start of a career happens to everyone and they can only improve from here. But as it stands right now, “Beyond Spheres Of Humanity” is forgettable and bland. Put it alongside the last WHITECHAPEL album or the recent CRIES OF THE CAPTIVE EP and it’d be completely overwhelmed.

2 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Last Breath
3. Infections Within Minds
4. Corrupted Weakness
5. No Redemption
6. Carpe Diem
Max – Vocals
Thomas – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Pierre – Guitar
Remy – Bass
Romain - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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