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Nothing Sacred - Let Us Prey / Deathwish (Reissue)

Nothing Sacred
Let Us Prey / Deathwish (Reissue)
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 01 June 2014, 7:02 PM

Every once in a while that country down in the middle of nowhere actually does something. In the 80s they had a Thrash Metal band come out for a few years before calling it quits in 1991. NOTHING SACRED, Australian Thrash Metal band released their first EP “Deathwish” in 1984 and their debut album “Let Us Prey” in 1988. As of 2012 the band has reunited and now they are re-releasing their EP and album through Alkeyn Steel Records.

The reissue spans 79 minutes long with 18 songs plus another 4 live tracks, which may be the strongest part of the entire thing. Now let me straighten this out, i am not saying the reissue is bad in any sense. I am just stating that from what you hear in the live tracks NOTHING SACRED absolutely kill it live! To add some more incentive to grab this album even if you're one of the very few people who did back in the 80s, there are 3 unreleased songs on it that were meant for their second LP “Nemesis” that unfortunately never ended up seeing the light of day! So, with raw Metal being such a rare trait in the modern day metal world, this reissue is a much welcome change of pace, reminding us what albums were like back in the early days of Heavy Metal!

For the tracks themselves, most of the songs are incredibly short, which is an attribute that a lot of metal doesn't have. Not all songs need to be 5-6 minutes guys, just letting you know! “Guardian” is this band’s “anthem” that is always fun to point out. f you know this band you’re going to know this song every band has it, it’s not something you can escape! The song changes pace frequently, but no so much that you get lost listening to it, the song also has a sing along chorus that would be fun live, imagine a crowd chanting “no place to hide, nowhere to run, master of night, THE GUARDIAN!” “Warhead” is the opening tack to the entire reissue, it’s just a great, fast pace, old school, Thrash Metal track with absolutely ripping bass right off the back to instantly pull your attention.

NOTHING SACRED are back from the dead and their reissue is a cool change of pace from a lot of recent Thrash Metal albums, even if the album isn’t technically recent. Definitely worth a listen through from any fan of Thrash!

3 Star Rating

1. Warhead
2. Sir Megma
3. Dogs of War
4. No Tomorrow
5. This Is War
6. Grey Slayer
7. The Dark
8. Thousand Years Gone
9. Let Us Prey
10. Guardian
11. Damaged
12. No Rest
13. Old Man
14. Deathwish
15. The Curse
16. Eye of the Oracle
17. Final Crime
18. Damaged
19. Cold Rage (Live)
20. Dogs of War (Live)
21. Final Crime (Live)
22. Guardian (Live)
Mick Burnham - Vocals
George Larin - Guitars
Ross Percy - Guitars
Karl Lean - Bass
Sham Hughs - Drums
Record Label: Arkeyn Steel Records


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Edited 03 June 2023

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