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Nothing To Say - 2003 - 2004 (CD)

Nothing To Say
2003 - 2004
by Makis Kirkos at 07 May 2004, 6:54 PM

Nothing To Say (NTS) is a French record label quite known to the Heavy Metal music industry. What we got here is actually a compilation CD with several releases during 2003 - 2004.
Some of the best Heavy/ Power Metal acts are included in this album, mostly of French origin. Ten different bands, ten different tracks all having something in common… the love for what they like to do most.
The French Manigance opens this release with Mourir en Heros. I admit I haven't heard this band before but I really enjoy their music, although I couldn't understand a single word. Adagio come next with their track Chosen and they manage to attract our interest. Those guys play Heavy/ Power Metal with well-arranged instruments and catchy tunes, nothing more to say. The third band is another French Power Metal act called Malediction, don't know if any of you know these guys but I liked their fast riffs, although I didn't understand a word either.
Next song is a cool surprise. The Journey is a new track from Pyramaze's forthcoming album Melancholy Beast, coming out on June 7th, 2004. Fresh melodic Power Metal riffs and a killer singer are their main advantages. As we move on to track number 5 we meet the French guitar master… Mr. Patrick Rondat with Donkey's Island. Nothing more to say here, just read the review for his new solo album. Stygma IV strikes back with Mental Power. This is actually the first song with a more raw vocal line and I enjoy it very much. Mental Power has an incredibly catchy refrain that makes you want to keep on singing over and over again.
Angra's Nothing To Say (live) follows, taken from the album Live In Sao Paulo so… those of you who already own this CD are familiar with this tune. Another French act comes next. Headline really impressed me with Exorcise Me. What comes to your attention first in this track are the female vocals. This lady really knows how to raise you up. I recommend this band to every Power Metal fan out there who can't imagine how Power Metal sounds having a female vocalist.
At number nine we meet Ark Storm and they don't impress me much with their typical, heard it already a thousand times, Power Metal. Yes it's fast; yes the guitar solos are lyrical, yes the keyboard harmonies are good but really… haven't we heard enough of this? Last but not least comes Fairyland. These guys play Hollywood, orchestral Power Metal… they mix Rhapsody/ Athena/ Labyrinth and Nightwish. Quite impressive indeed but we've heard all that before.
So, there you have it. A ten track compilation CD that mainly focuses on Heavy/ Power Metal acts. NTS has some very good signings and I am expecting more from this record label. If you are into Heavy/ Power Metal then I would suggest you gave them a chance, you will find this album delectable. If you are not into that Metal genre then you better focus on something else.

3 Star Rating

Manigance - Mourir en Heros
Adagio - Chosen
Malediction - Dans ma Memoire
Pyramaze - The Journey
Patrick Rondat - Donkeys Island
Stygma IV - Mental Power
Angra - Nothing To Say (live)
Headline - Exorcise Me
Ark Storm - Message In DNA
Fairyland - The Fellowship
Record Label: NTS


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