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Novae Militiae - Topheth Award winner

Novae Militiae
by Craig Rider at 07 October 2020, 7:05 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: NOVAE MILITIAE; signed via Goathorned Productions, hailing from French grounds - performing Black Metal, on their sophomore album entitled: “Topheft” (released September 15th, 2020).

Since formation in 2009; the unknown mastermind has an EP entitled “Affliction of the Divine” (released December 15th, 2011) and 2 albums entitled: “Gash’khalah” (released July 1st, 2017), and the album that I am about to review entitled: “Topheft”. 8 tracks ranging at around 53:33; NOVASE MILITIAE arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Black Metal developments.

Opening up with the blackened but daunting atmosphere of “Towards the Sitra Achra”… forged in fires of the ritualistic profanation of hell and gnarly distortion; NOVAE MILITIAE unleash this increasing bludgeoning of rumbling reverberation, satanic panache & this otherworldly scour that implodes into a barrage frenzy of some combustible chaos while thundering with savagely sinister pandemonium. Implementing an extreme dose in groovy explosions, amplified adrenaline and boisterously bouncy gnarliness. Heated with this wildly rushing tribulation to possess your soul with spellbinding majesty, trailblazing you with this bulldozing firepower in which showcases monstrously meaty organics while skyrocketing with ominously primitive rawness that will rattle your skull with this blasphemous attribute in bombarding blitzkrieg. The performances here are from an unknown presence, yet their sinister retribution takes you over with full force.

Advent Of The Prophet” demonstrates a chaotic maelstrom on raspy throatiness that yells with tight weightiness within those shouty, but aggressive bellows…while the rampaging guitars excel at a blistering chug of relentlessly shredding rips that manifest this razor-sharp calamity in tempestuous yet triggering mayhem. The audible bass injects an infectiously venomous thump with rollicking dexterity, creating a dynamic virtuosity on quintessential swampiness. Smothering speakers with this rampant surge that strikes with rambunctiously piledriving finesse, flamboyantly trembling you with this meticulously monolithic tempo that pummels with punchy & steely precision. This kind of Black Metal showcases this experimental hybrid in grinding dimensions of which revel with sonically seamless rebellion that will send shivers of static electricity into your soul while unleashing this rapidly swift headbang for good measure.

Faithfully Reduced To Ashes” elements an extreme overdose on killer lacerations which strikes with these punishing torpedoes on nuclear synergy, ruthlessly subjugating this salubriously volatile quake that persistently perseveres with this malevolent hostility in battering havoc & crunchy chunkiness. Romping with this rifting yet sulphurous slab of solid fretworks, gripping hooks and chugging gallops…arming a brimming fabrication of some of the most immersively intense craftsmanship stabilities within this overarch of groundbreaking foundations in borderline vehemence while utilizing uniquely vicious stampedes of berserking furocity. “The Call Of Aeshma” is like an immense soundscape of sacrilege liturgy, this rite resonates with hellish eeriness, looming into gloomy doom aesthetics and demonic desolation. Until more total ruination revolves through your speakers with slaying quirkiness, vibrantly showcasing this rattling spectrum advancing into “Elevated To Him”…where the distinctively concrete grumbles embellishes an experimental flamboyance in blackened madness. Revving this menacing portrayal on distinguished grit, in which surges this oozing momentum on nimble oppression.

Mid-portion; NOVAE MILITIAE crushes eardrums into an utmost maximum ravening pursuit of foreboding, drum pedalling speed seems to never stop, tapping with this paramount expertise in euphonic haste and groove-bomb belters…jumping with mighty rips and bruising fierceness furnaces into a heated thrill of merciless songwriting musicianship qualities. “Affliction Of The Divine” constructs an equally devastating droniness in which wonders with this sadistic shroud of riveting majesty that romps up with vibrating summonings, and evoking ghastliness. Exploring fiendish instrumental prestige that will ultimately make you want to break chairs over other chairs, as the maestro radically mesmerises you with wicked uproar strengths. The penultimate track “The Tables Of Revelations” orchestrates this sturdy thickness of hefty drifts, drilling into a chiselling outburst of diligently detailed density & profusely robust technicalities that supply this rowdy yet progressive ultimatum on massive noise terror.

Overall concluding “Topheth” with the finale epic: “A.R.F.A.”; which is another demonic worship, I am compelled to say that NOVAE MILITIAE most certainly delivered a fluidly blistering recording that offers this sense of hardened hymns…amalgamated into deadly dominance that most definitely deserves a good handful of listens. An exhilarating discovery; where the replay value is astounding, and full frontal characteristics, imploding onto you with potentially talented sophistication. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Towards the Sitra Achra
2. Advent of the Prophet
3. Faithfully Reduced To Ashes
4. The Call of Aeshma
5. Elevated To Him
6. Affliction of the Divine
7. The Tables of Revelations
8. A.R.F.A.
Record Label: Goathorned Productions


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