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Noveria - Risen Award winner

by Yngwieviking at 16 May 2014, 2:21 PM

After being a decisive key factor in the triumph of a bunch of amazing albums, currently released/promoted and acclaimed, coming from Italia…This time again Simone Mularoni spreads out his magical knobs science to reveal to the world this terrific album “Risen”, in the same glorious way as he acted for ELDRITCH / HATETYLER / ELVENKING and ANCIENT BARDS in recent times!

NOVERIA is like a guild of musicians sharing the same passion under a strong relationship with a bold focus. It consist of five experienced players coming from the ever growing/regenerated and talented Italian scene. They were/are members of DGM / ASTRA / BATON ROGUE MORGUE / SOLISIA / EVIDENCE / EMPYRIOS. Those bands are more or less related with Simone Mularoni as an engineer/producer or Musician, and of course, the style of majestic Power Metal played by this new outfit is clearly in the same kind as DGM; Progressive/Technical/complex/Powerful with a strong Melodic structure and a great level of skills, with maybe a more vicious down tuned spirit, which is developped in a bombastic darker edge and pessimistic overtones!
Mr. Mularoni also performed a guest guitar solo spot on the track «Fallen From Grace»,Yet the Roman guitar-hero Francesco Mattei’s skills are not underemployed here, because his impressive axe performance both in the extremely syncopated rhythmic/amazing smoking solo side is superb and upscaled at the world class highest point …Perfect mark!

However the real star of the show is vocalist Frank Corigliano who delivered a first rate singing demonstration, with a proficiency of mastery in the testoteronic tenor crooning attitude/some tremendous high pitched-vocals/a few demented screams and also sporadic grunts like an heavenly mix between Mats Leven/Apollo Papathanasio/Samuel Nyman and of course Russell Allen (“Paralisis”)…Full mark here again…Indeed the contemporary SYMPHONY X comparison is obvious , the manic Harsh riffing method, the incredible and fierce duels between lead guitar and keyboards in a harmonic minor mood, the subtlility and the precision in the Neo-Classical influenced arrangments,  the insane density in the perfect balance between Symphonic background and the Techno Thrash dynamic like MEGADETH / ANNIHLATOR meets RISING FORCE with reminiscences from TIME REQUIEM…Clearly it's the same ultra efficient and rewarded recipe already used by DGM in superb albums such as “Frame” or 2007’s “Different Shapes” with less Progressive colors and a more dissonant/Industrial flavored tricks borrowed to the Swedish Modern Metal sound instead!

The only minor low point, is the cover artwork which isn’t ugly, but it looks more like a Z movie DVD or a HELLAMMER cover band than the real high end Modern Progressive Metal that it actually is!

The release date is set for June 10th and it’s already in my TOP 20 for 2014…Strongly and warmly recommended!

4 Star Rating

1. The New Age
2. Risen
3. Downfall
4. Paralysis
5. Ashes
6. Fear
7. Fallen From Grace
8. Through The Abyss
9. Waste
Frank Corigliano – Lead Vocals
Francesco Mattei - Lead Guitars
Emanuele Casali – Keyboards
Omar Campitelli – Drums
Andrea Arcangeli – Bass
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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